Utilised for multifarious activities across industries, the equipment is highly versatile.

Backhoe loaders, popularly known as backhoes, are one of the most unique equipment as it is loader and backhoe combined as one unit. It’s remarkably compact size is aesthetically designed to move easily across rough terrains, construction sites and roads. Backhoes save a lot of time as this multi-purpose equipment can easily perform various operations such as digging, grading, dozing, clamping, back dragging, filling, loading and levelling at construction sites and the operator doesn’t need to switch between different pieces of equipment making backhoe loader a perfect machine for rugged terrains.

Maximising construction productivity
Backhoe loaders can do jobs like digging ditches, laying pipes, planting underground cables or laying the foundation for buildings and drainage systems. If an augur is attached to the backhoe, it can be used to drill holes for planting trees, signage and fencing projects in different variety of soils. A bucket can be joined for cleaning the ditch on the rear and an asphalt cutter can be attached to the backhoe to repair roads. Similarly, various others attachments can be easily fixed in backhoes for performing a number of various other tasks, says Sunil Tiku, Head – Marketing and Product Support – Earth Moving Equipment Division, Action Construction Equipment Ltd.

Backhoe loader is one of the ‘highest-in-demand’ products in construction sector. Its compact size, unparalleled strength, precise control and front-rear attachments make it different and better than any other equipment.

“With the backhoe loader, the operator can use the machine for multiple applications. Bigger bucket allows greater load lifting and increase productivity. With the back and forth movement and power shuttle transmission for reverse and forward speeds a contractor is able to perform tasks like clearing of roads, digging and breaking of asphalts much efficiently. All these features make it a ‘Go-to’ choice for the customers,” says Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, CASE India.

According to Ratan Lal Kashyap, Sr. Vice President –Procurement, G R Infraprojects Ltd, traditionally, backhoe loaders in India were used primarily in infrastructure construction as base machines for mainly carrying out digging work. But with newer application requirements, manufacturers are ensuring that their backhoes deliver higher productivity. With the ability to dig, load and lift, as well as utilise a variety of attachments front and rear, backhoe loaders serve as multi-functional tools in many construction fleets which increases the productive value during the construction process and hence increase the profitability and timely completion of the projects.

“The backhoe loaders which we use are operator-friendly, energy-efficient and low on operating and maintain costs for minimal downtime and also ensure a good ROI. Our loaders are adaptable to perform multifaceted jobs, particularly in hilly terrains. This is one of the most successful products introduced from utility and affordability perspective,” adds Kashyap.

Consideration for buying efficient backhoe loader
“Buyers always evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while making any equipment purchase decision. Important considerations for making an efficient backhoe purchase are fuel efficiency, higher productivity, higher lifting capacity, low maintenance cost, customer service, spare parts availability and operator safety and comfort. We are continuously striving to offer best value for money backhoe loaders integrated with good quality and prompt after sales services,” says Tiku.

Backhoe loaders are said to be the most efficient multi-purpose heavy machine in the construction equipment category, says Aneja. While looking for an efficient backhoe loader, below points can be taken into consideration:

Fuel efficiency: To avoid unexpected downtime and maximum efficiency and productivity, it is imperative to choose a highly fuel efficient backhoe
Bucket capacity and digging depth: A good loader bucket ensures maximum digging and lifting of material
Technology: Equipment with advanced technology should be the first choice while choosing a CE. Preventive technological alerts can further improve the major breakdowns of the equipment
Cost of maintenance: Maintenance cost can be majorly avoided by using efficient technology and design attachments, regular check on functioning and servicing of the machine
After sales support: After sales service and support is the primary aspect which ensures minimum investment and longer lifecycle of the equipment.

According to Kashyap, determining the most common depths that the machine will be used for in the project is always considered before purchasing.Determining if the loader will be used for lifting heavier items such as steel plates or pallets of pipe, before selecting a backhoeloader, determine the types of loads it is likely to lift or carry. If the machine will be used to lower materials into a trench, it is wise to know the weights of those items to not only lift and boom with the backhoe.Engine and hydraulic horsepower are important considerations. Hydraulic horsepower gives thebreakout force and digging depth for both the backhoe and the loader. Choosing the backhoe loader with advanced features and options that can enhance performance, flexibility and ease of operation and thereby contributing to the timely project completion.The service ability of the machine is one of the primary considerations for gauging the efficiency of backhoe loader in our projects. The OEM’s service network is also one of the major criteria for any by buying consideration.

Technology upgradation
The recent technology upgradations of backhoe loader can be divided into three major categories such as advanced engine technology;it helps to maximise performance, minimise fuel consumption and the impact of emission regulations, advanced hydraulics for higher productivity and GPS system;advanced telematics system to manage and monitor machines remotely, says Tiku.

ACE backhoe loaders AX 124 is powered with highly efficient 76HP and 96 HP Kirloskar Engines. The machine comes with improved hydraulic pumps and advanced structured loader arms with higher breakout force while digging or loading materials, ensuring 10-15 per cent higher productivity. It is fitted with globally renowned transmission from Carraro and hydraulic pumps from reputed brands with both two-wheel and four-wheel drive options.

Some of the recent technology upgradations witnessed in backhoe loader include advanced telematics solution and smart diagnostics IoT based applications.“CASE India has already forayed into IoT based solutions with advanced Eagle-Eye-Telematics technology. We believe that other such technological advancements like augmented reality,3D printing and Artificial Intelligence will contribute more to the technical upgradation of the equipment,” says Aneja.

We are continuously striving to offer best value-for-money backhoe loaders integrated with good quality and prompt after sales services.
Sunil Tiku, Head – Marketing and Product Support – Earth Moving Equipment Division, Action Construction Equipment Ltd

Backhoe loaders are said to be the most efficient multi-purpose heavy machine in the construction equipment category.
Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, CASE India

The backhoe loaders that we use are operator-friendly, energy-efficient and low on operating and maintainance costs for minimal downtime and ensure good ROI.
Ratan Lal Kashyap, Sr. Vice President –Procurement, G R Infraprojects Ltd

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