Stainless steel cylinders solutions for pitch propeller and marine stabilisation systems.

Servocylinders made of stainless steel equipped with digital proportional valves are the ideal
smart hydraulic solution to optimise performances and comfort of naval and marine applications.

Hydrofoil yacht _ B2B

Hydraulic servocylinders in high speed vessels with the best comfort
New naval solutions offer unmatched comfort and performances both at high-speed vessel’s motion and at anchor. The underwater fins stabilising system, actuated by Atos electrohydraulic servoactuators, ensures full ship stability, roll, pitch and direction, thus allowing to cruise at high speed with the best comfort. The modern commercial, pleasure and luxury vessels offer enhanced comfort and fuel economy in any sea condition thanks to innovative stabilisation systems and modern steering units, operated by Atos proportional valves and stainless steel servocylinders. Particularly, the bow foils control the stability (pitching) by lifting and lowering the vessel through precise longitudinal regulations; the stern foils
trim the ship motions (rolling) and the vertical movement (heaving) while the rudder performs the ship direction. Digital electrohydraulics offers innovative solutions also for other naval applications suitable for
commercial, pleasure, and luxury crafts:

  • Controllable pitch propeller: Propulsion systems performing higher propulsive efficiency thanks to the adjustment of the blade pitch.
  • Roll stabilisation systems: underwater fins or anti-roll torque devices generate a counteracting
    moment to prevent the tendency of the vessel to roll, thus granting enhanced comfort and a safe navigation.
Controllable pitch propeller _ B2B

Comfort & performances thanks to the smart hydraulics
Different solutions are available for stabilisation foils and pitch control in order to guarantee high performance and, at the same time, keep the best comfort in any sea condition. The core of these systems, which equip the vessels, is the hydraulics which allow smart and long-lasting solutions:

  • Controllable pitch propeller: The digital proportional valves control hydraulic motor connected to the axial rotation of blades to improve vessel manoeuvrability and fuel economy.
  • Underwater fins: The fins and steer motion are operated by TEZ digital proportional valves, featuring
    top accuracy and fast response time with integrated user friendly axis controller and servocylinders
    capable to perform a combined closed loop control of force and position.
  • Anti-roll torque devices: They are interfaced through fieldbus to the hydrofoils electronic system and to the shipboard sensors (inclinometer, gyroscope and accelerometers) to modify the gravity centre rotatory by a stainless steel cylinder controlled from digital proportional valve.
Atos stainless steel block _ B2B

Atos stainless steel cylinders and proportional valves
Naval environments are very demanding, with factors like high salt content, water based fluids and extended temperature range all coming into play, Atos components in marine execution are the perfect solutions to perform excellent motion control. Thanks to:

  • Digital servoactuators feature top accuracy and fast response time for pitch propeller and bow steering, with on board axis controller performing-closed loop position controls and-fieldbus interfacing to master control system.
  • Stainless steel cylinders with builtin transducer, ensure a corrosion protection over 2000 h in neutral salt spray.
  • Atos electrohydraulics products (power pack + manifolds + cylinders) may be certified by main marine classification societies (RINA, ABS, BV, DNV, Lloyd’s Register, etc.)

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