What is your strategy to expand business for existing product range?
We are maintaining the leadership position as far as selling Heavy tower cranes in India is concerned; we have a new order of 40 units from BG Shirke. These cranes are of 12t & 16t capacity for the pre-cast housing. With this order our tower crane population to precast segment has reached to 284 units in India. We also maintain the leadership position in Tower crane anti collision systems with a population of 315 Units. We have new specialized tower cranes and Industrial Men & material Hoist for precast/power plant and cement plants, which gives us mileage in the existing product range.

Looking at the present scenario what would you advise for procurement of tower cranes and suspended platforms ? Buy it or rent it, why do you say so?
Looking at current scenario and next four years, we recommend purchasing the equipments mainly because of:- Increasing demand of machineries due to new & long term projects, increased culture in machinery safety features. Rental equipments are suitable for 12 months to 18 months small scale projects; otherwise the rental paid will be more than the new equipment cost.

What are the challenges you see are faced by these industries in dealing with upcoming demand and supply?
The major challenges in India were the economic pricing and quick delivery. Most of the customer decide the equipment purchases in the last minute and pressurise for the quick delivery. However a change is on the anvil as the customers have started planning well in advance. Planning lets them evaluate the quality, reliability, speed & safety features of machineries rather than focussing only on price & delivery. This is a very positive change in the market to reduce the breakdowns & accidents, also to reach the target delivery.

What is your expectation from the industry bodies and policy makers to capitalise the present market pressure?
Indian construction Industry needs huge quantity of machineries for the next 20-25 yrs and most of these machineries are not manufacturing in India. Even the small range machines manufactured in India are unable reach high standard of quality, reliability and safety due to the concept of cheap price & quick delivery. Now this concept is getting changed. Now government wants to boost the “Make in India” along with MSME manufacturers. How the MSME will start production If they cannot get Industrial Land in economic price, Additional development charges for MSRDC, CIDCO…..etc Long and complicated process for various approvals. Only the big corporate companies can afford to manufacture now. So the govt. should form a team to visit the potential MSME, who want to start manufacturing, understand their issues to drop their manufacturing plan, and should practically help them to come up again.

What is your company outlook for 2022?
We have added some more products in to our product range like CNC rebar processing machines and metro/high speed rail project machineries like Launcher, transporter…..etc. We expect an increase of 40~50 percent on our current turn over by 2022.

Rental equipments are suitable for 12 months to 18 months small scale projects; otherwise the rental paid will be more than the new equipment cost.
P.V. Ramdev, Managing Director, Everest Engineering Equipment

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