Concrete batching plants play a vital role by minimising labour requirements, speeding up production, and improving concrete quality through precise mixing techniques.

In this interview with the founder of Terra Equipment, a prominent player in India’s construction equipment industry, we delve into their journey, contributions to the construction sector, and insights on the future of infrastructure development in India.

How has Terra Equipment established a strong market presence in India and abroad?

Terra Equipment, established in 2019, boasts expertise in diverse concrete batching plants, delivering capacities from 15 to 120 cubic meters per hour. We offer mobile concrete batching plants, horizontal high-capacity plants, and compact reversible mixers.

Our offerings extend to cement and flash storage silos, integral in construction equipment usage. Located in Mehsana, Gujarat, our two advanced manufacturing units are adept with overhead cranes, plasma machines, and CNC machining, ensuring quality and precision in-house.

With seven strategic outlets and dealer networks, our footprint expands across Udaipur, Jaipur, Panipat, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, and Patna, supplemented by branch offices in Ahmedabad and Surat. Our dedication to sales and service is unrivalled across India. Over four and a half years, we’ve installed over 450 batching units nationwide and extended our services to Nepal, Bangladesh, and East Africa, reflecting our robust pan-India presence.

What inspired you to establish Terra Equipment?

Before establishing Terra Equipment in 2019, I held 20% ownership in another equipment company. Terra Equipment, however, is solely mine, a venture where I have complete ownership. The catalyst for creating Terra Equipment stemmed from a desire to introduce economic and inventive answers to challenges faced by the construction sector. There is a growing demand among clients for affordable options to meet their concrete needs.

We have presently allocated between five and six crores in investments. We’re witnessing an annual growth rate of 25%, with our yearly turnover at 25 crores. We project a sustained growth trajectory at a comparable pace in the ensuing years.

How is Terra Equipment positioning itself to meet growing demand, especially in enhancing the efficacy of batching plants? 

The outlook for India’s construction industry is optimistic, bolstered by many projects backed by the Government of India. With extensive infrastructure development plans unfolding, private and public sectors exhibit robust demand for construction equipment. I anticipate a surge in the need for such equipment, particularly batching plants, in the future.

In the current landscape of construction, time efficiency is paramount. The emergence of precast industry technology has become instrumental in curtailing project timelines. Concrete batching plants are pivotal in reducing labour needs, accelerating production rates, and enhancing concrete quality courtesy of accurate mixing methodologies.


How does the advanced technology in concrete batching plants contribute to the efficiency and quality of construction projects, and what additional support is offered to customers?

 Our concrete batching plants boast cutting-edge technology, featuring pan-type, reversible, and inch-up mixers complemented by a fully automatic control system. This system meticulously manages water intake, additives, cement, and aggregates, each weighing distinctly, ensuring precise and uniform mixing for superior concrete quality.

The enduring performance of equipment is anchored in timely maintenance. We recommend considering annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) and authentic parts. Ensuring well-trained personnel operate and maintain these machines is paramount to extending equipment longevity and optimal performance.

Indeed, we extend comprehensive operator training to all our clients. Our doors are always open for customers seeking experienced operators well-versed in our machinery. We are committed to providing skilled operators and empowering our clients’ workforce with essential skills in troubleshooting and machine operation.

How do you manage logistics for your products?

We have a centralised logistics system. Our factory is in Mehsana, and we collaborate with four or five vendors providing logistics services. This ensures prompt responses and timely deliveries to our customers.

How do you envision the future of concrete batching and pumping solutions regarding efficiency, innovation, and environmental impact?

Our existing range of concrete batching plants is electrically operated and designed to run efficiently on electrical supply and backup generators (DG sets). We are committed to integrating emerging technologies and innovations to enhance the performance and efficiency of our equipment.

We are excited to announce that we will introduce our concrete pump, engineered explicitly for efficiently pumping concrete at construction sites, in the coming year. This innovative solution is designed to work seamlessly with our batching machines, ensuring optimised performance.

Spokesperson – Jigar Patel, Founder, Terra Equipment

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