The My Home GRAVA project in Hyderabad, India, showcases the potential of precast construction with colossal towers, innovative technology, and Elematic as a trusted partner, revolutionising India’s construction landscape.

In the bustling city of Hyderabad, Telangana State, India, a groundbreaking project is redefining the skyline and showcasing the immense potential of precast construction. Asia’s tallest precast towers, soaring to a staggering 180 metres and spanning 43 stories each, are taking shape, with a planned built-up area of 3.7 million square meters. My Home Construction, a prominent developer and construction company, has embarked on this monumental journey with Elematic as its strategic partner for structural design and precast equipment supply. This article delves into the innovative My Home GRAVA project, its significance in the Indian construction landscape, and the transformative power of precast technology.

Pioneering Precast in India

India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, is witnessing a construction boom, particularly in South India, driven by IT and tech hubs. While cast-in-situ remains the predominant construction method, it faces challenges such as tight schedules and a shortage of skilled labour. This has fueled a demand for mechanised, labour-efficient technologies, making precast construction an attractive option.

Recognising the potential of precast technology, the Indian government has actively promoted its adoption. Indian developers, too, have realised the advantages of precast construction, leading to a growing demand for this innovative construction method.

My Home Construction’s quest for innovation

My Home Construction, a Hyderabad-based developer experiencing phenomenal growth, sought a building technology to align with its ambitious goals of saving time, materials, and workforce while ensuring sustainability. Ravi Sai, Senior President for Projects at My Home Construction, shares that they needed the right technology to elevate their developments.

After thorough research, My Home concluded that precast construction was the ideal solution. Sai notes that precast offers unparalleled quality, speed, and efficiency, requiring significantly fewer workers than traditional cast-in-situ construction. The scale of the My Home GRAVA project would have necessitated up to 7,000 workers with conventional methods. In contrast, their precast plant, now the largest in India, is managed by about 200 people, ensuring controlled quality. Additionally, another 150 professionals oversee the on-site project. My Home searched for a reliable precast technology supplier capable of handling a project of unprecedented scale in India. Their search led them to Elematic, a global leader in precast technology. It engaged Elematic during the project’s planning phase three years ago, marking a significant collaboration in Elematic’s history.

Elematic customisation

Elematic’s expertise shone as they custom-built a precast plant with a colossal built-up area capacity of 460,000 square metres per year, exclusively catering to the My Home GRAVA project. Elematic’s expert team installed all the moulds and machinery, ensuring the seamless production of precast elements.

Chander Dutta, Managing Director of Elematic India, emphasises their commitment to understanding user needs and project requirements, allowing them to tailor the plant precisely to the project’s demands. This plant efficiently provides all required precast products with automation and flexible production, minimising waste.

Streamlined processes and high-quality production

The collaboration between My Home and Elematic extended to structural design, with Elematic’s Structural Design team in India overseeing the entire project. Although the partnership faced initial design challenges due to varying floor specifications, a cohesive approach emerged, streamlining the process and putting the project ahead of schedule.

Sai underscores the importance of showcasing the potential of precast construction, acknowledging the pressure of pioneering such a monumental endeavour. To ensure success, My Home has engaged top-notch consultants and invested in the precast factory’s best equipment and on-site equipment.

A Vision for the Future

As the My Home GRAVA project progresses, it becomes a shining example of what can be achieved with precast construction in India. Upon completion in 2050, the development will accommodate approximately 250,000 IT professionals. Sai believes that the success of this project will leave no doubt that precast technology is the future of construction in India.

Elematic’s role in India’s precast revolution

Elematic, a global leader in precast technology, has established a strong presence in India, commanding a market share of around 70 percent. With a team of approximately 150 employees, Elematic India offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for precast technology. Their services encompass structural design, project installation, commissioning, after-sales support, and spare parts services.

Given the high seismic activity in several regions of India, Elematic India’s structural engineers specialise in designing earthquake-resistant buildings. This expertise ensures that their precast solutions meet the stringent safety requirements of the Indian construction market.

Elematic’s ongoing commitment

Elematic’s engagement with India’s construction industry extends beyond the My Home GRAVA project. They are actively involved in various projects across the country. One such project is their partnership with Sun Pharma, a global pharmaceutical giant based in India. Elematic is set to provide the technology and project installation for 1,000 28-story towers, further cementing its role as a leader in the Indian precast construction sector.


The My Home GRAVA project, Hyderabad, India


  • The plant was installed and the project started in 2021
  • The first two towers (phase 1 of 4) are planned to be completed by 2024
  • The entire project should be completed and ready for use in 2050
  • Buildings
  • A planned total BUA of 3.7 million square meters (40 million square feet)
  • Commercial buildings for IT offices
  • 43-story, 180-meter towers
  • Structural design by Elematic in cooperation with Sweco Finland

Precast plant

  • Tailor-made and delivered by Elematic for the project
  • Manufactures all types of elements needed for the project
  • Prestressed hollow core slabs
  • Prestressed precast beams
  • Precast columns
  • Precast shear walls
  • Precast stairs
  • Can be used for other projects afterwards
  • Aftersales service and maintenance (AMC) by Elematic.

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