Digital transformation is sweeping through India’s construction and mining industries. Explore the innovations redefining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How does India’s infrastructure push drive tech advancements?

India’s construction and mining sectors are undergoing a profound digital transformation. Our focus on infrastructure drives tech advancements in construction/mining/road techniques by increasing the demand for innovative solutions, providing government support, and attracting private-sector investment. With the help of our R&D wing and proto-shop, SCHWING has been able to continuously understand the market needs of our customers and roll out products like TSR EV, a purely electric machine that is a Shotcrete machine, and our LB40 Belt Conveyor is also a completely innovative product with the capability to place and deliver any aggregate used in construction sites.

How does modern equipment speed India’s infrastructure growth and “Transforming India” projects?

Modern equipment speeds India’s infrastructure growth and “Transforming India” projects by increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing costs. Procurement experts leverage this opportunity by negotiating better deals, building partnerships, and investing in training. Our training department, which has been active since 2004, has now certified more than 18,000 machine operators, service people, and maintenance team members, helping our customers ensure maximum output and efficiency from their equipment.


How do sustainable practices impact our infrastructure project implementation?

Sustainable practices can impact projects by increasing costs and extending timelines. Project owners can mitigate these challenges by planning carefully, working with experienced contractors, and using technology.

What innovations are improving the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of construction/mining equipment?

Innovations such as automation, electrification, and data analytics are improving the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of construction/mining equipment. Our machines have been upgraded with IoT, which gives the plant supervisor real-time updates about the machine. The technology even provides hindsight on when the machine will require services, which helps the customer plan the service downtime of the machine to happen around the project requirements.

Spokesperson – V G Sakthikumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Schwing Stetter

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