With an over 35-year track record of supplying domestic and export customers with world-class products for thermal and acoustic insulation, Twiga is among the leading manufacturers of glass wool insulation in India.

For all types of building envelope
Thermal insulation is essential for all types of building envelope, including pre-engineered building (PEB). It reduces thermal conduction across the roof and wall system significantly and helps to maintain a comfortable condition throughout the year. Insulation cuts down air-borne sound transmission from outside to inside of PEB through its roof and wall. Reverberation sound within PEB can be eliminated with suitable insulation, too. Metal conducts heat, sound and vibration quite rapidly. PEB’s metal structure, roof-sheet and wall cladding-sheets have very low thermal resistance and acoustic isolation, which can only be compensated by adequate level of insulation. Therefore, insulation is needed almost in all PEBs except for few, where one or more large heat sources (radiation) are inside the building.

Custom-made solutions
Twiga supplies customised products to suite specific PEB buildings. Customisation is done on features such as facing tabs for easy stapling or sealing, customised lengths, thickness, both face laminated with vapour barrier, soft wool for ease of handling (as per request) and fiberglass tissue facing for ease of handling.

Suitable thermal insulation
In a country like India, where most of its geographical area falls under hot or hot and humid zone, maintaining thermal comfort inside a building is a challenge. Money spent on running HVAC is also very high if the building is not designed with a suitable thermal insulation. Glass wool based insulation system with suitable vapour retarder can be used in building envelope and HVAC applications to save energy and maintain comfort. Glass wool insulation system has superior thermal insulation value – with increased outside temperature higher temperature gradient can be maintained. Less moisture absorption or content – hydrophobic and water repellent material. Pure glass-based insulation – almost inert – hence it has long performing life. Entirely fire-safe, non-combustible – meets National Building Code 2016’s guideline of fire and life safety.

Strong insulation blankets for PEB applications
Twiga promotes weld mesh free solutions for PEB insulation. Strong polypropylene-based or aluglass based vapour barrier factory-applied on glass wool blankets makes it possible. Twiga also have specially designed soft and strong insulation blankets for PEB applications.

Time-tested and proven solutions
Twiga’s PEB insulation solution is one of the time-tested and proven solutions. Long, resilient and flexible, these insulation blankets are easy to carry and apply and strong enough to be installed under tension over the purlins. The insulation vapour barriers are either aluminium or polypropylene based facings that control moisture movement as well as provide exceptional mechanical support.

Depending on the building design, Twiga PEB Insulation can be installed with or without support from either welded wire mesh or mesh made of twisted twine of nylon fibers. As required the insulation blankets can be customised with facing tabs (width-wise extensions) on one or both sides of the insulation.

Authored by:
Biswajit Roy,
Business Head –
Building Insulation,
U.P. Twiga Fiberglass Ltd

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