“We focus on application knowledge. Our experienced engineering team works closely with the OEM to provide customised and tailor-made solutions for their equipment.”

How does Enovation Controls customise the electronic control solutions to meet the OEM needs?

As the Indian CE industry matures, many equipment OEMs are increasingly looking to sell their equipment on Value and Product Differentiation. This is where Enovation Controls comes in. We focus on application knowledge. Our experienced engineering team works closely with the OEM to provide customised and tailor-made solutions for their equipment. It starts with mapping and documenting exactly what they need, developing a test plan, schematics, prototype testing, and then field batch testing before it goes into production. The process is well established, and the OEMs appreciate the structured working method.

Enovation Controls has been at the forefront of integrating technology like IoT into its solutions. How does this integration impact project efficiency and maintenance in the infrastructure and construction sectors?

Technology on equipment brings in 2 very important things: project & equipment awareness and efficiency improvement. Detailed awareness about the project and equipment in terms of location and health, fault alerts, easy operator user interface, operator and equipment safety, and maintenance troubleshooting help the equipment and the project owner know what is happening in real time. The site’s efficiency is then improved by technology in terms of productivity measurement, operator assistance, and control solutions, which automate parts of the equipment’s work.

With the integration of electronic controls, how have safety standards and protocols in the construction industry evolved?

Over the past couple of years, the concerned authorities and government bodies have been enforcing and promoting safety in all aspects, making our construction and mining sites increasingly more efficient. Technologies like driver assistance, anti-collision systems, automatic braking, blind spot camera systems, ABS, and driver fatigue systems all work on this. Increased implementation of these technologies will make our worksites safer for the equipment and the operator.

How do evolving regulations and standards impact the design and implementation of electronic control systems?

We are doing well in this aspect. Yes, at times, the speed at which we use technology could increase, but I wouldn’t say we are not using technology. The Equipment OEMs in India are increasingly receptive to new technologies and want to provide better features to their customers. We are working with several of them on advanced projects that will see the light in 2 to 3 years. So, they are working in advance to have the technologies ready and tested.

What products or solutions will Enovation Controls showcase at Excon 2023?

This year at EXCON, we are excited to showcase many new products. We have six new displays from a 3.5-inch Round, a new 5-inch display, a couple of new 7-inch displays, and two feature-loaded 12 and 15-inch displays. We will also show some new IO Modules, a new CAN Keypad, and our growing range of Hydraulic Controls. We showed many of these new products and technologies at Agritechnica last month with a great response and are excited to launch these into the Indian market at EXCON 2023. We are in Hall 1, Stand D60.

What future trends do you foresee in electronic controls and displays for the infrastructure and construction industry?

We are very enthusiastic about the Displays and Controls market and our position in the Industry in India. We continuously strive to solve complex problems with simple and easy-to- integrate solutions that are importantly implemented in a structured manner. Our OEM customers like this approach. We see the industry increasingly moving towards more electronics in the equipment with AI, Driverless Technology, increased electrification of “Return to Base” equipment, and ADAS all coming in over the next 3 – 5 years. Due to India’s government policy, we will also see increased equipment exports, which will drive technology implementation.

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