It is even more important in the current economic scenario where slowdown is being widely discussed and customers need value for money.

Keeping in mind the new technological challenges the confirming standards of the new products have to be designed accordingly, so that the customer has access to quality products which will serve the desired purpose. It is even more important in the current economic scenario where slowdown is being widely discussed and customers need value for money. At Shree Lalita we constantly strive to ensure relevancy to the existing market needs and demands, our teams are consistently working towards exploring new project opportunities. We are also keen to improve our existing market share, likewise we are open to engage in joint ventures to benefit the Make in India program. Given the quality consciousness which has set in, it is necessary for the manufacturers to ensure that the products designed are in tandem with the set quality standards. It is equally important for the policy makers to overseestrict implementation of standards and regulations to overcome the safety challenges and ensure worker safety.

Solaris Duo – Portable Rechargeable Area Lighting System
The new improved Solaris Duo is truly the best replacement for generator powered halogen lights, as it is fully portable, emits no noise, and runs cool, making it safe for confined spaces.
With its telescopic extension poles reaching up to 1.9 metres and swivel-and-tilt heads, the Solaris Duo is a versatile floodlight suitable for a variety of situations.

ll Solaris Duo parts are housed in an unbreakable, IP67-rated ABS plastic case, with wheels and pull-up handle for easy transportation.

Linear LED Innovation
3x 30° linear optics are used in the Solaris head, this design reduces light pollution and effectively doubles* the LUX value on the target area.

Improve light working conditions

  • New advanced 30° angle optics
  • The optics concentrate the light on the area giving optimal working light conditions

The Solaris range of products utilises the benefits of Lithium-ion technology, the batteries are robust, lightweight and maintenance free meaning that you can be sure to consistently get the best light output throughout the products life span.

  • Lightweight battery
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Protection PCB switches off preventing deep discharge
  • Maintenance free rechargeable battery
  • Green technology with virtually zero carbon emissions
  • Designed to minimise your impact on the environment

Key Features:

  • 40,000 lumens’ light output
  • 50 metre beam
  • Runtime up to 24 hours
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Retractable high visibility stability feet
  • Battery status indicator
  • Housed in an unbreakable IP67-rated plastic case with a lifetime guarantee
  • Swivel-and-tilt head and 2 x 1.9m carbon fibre telescopic extension poles
  • Sturdy, stackable, and weatherproof

Authored by :
Mr. Pranav Lalaji
Founder Partner
Shree Lalita Safety and Rescue

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