E Moses, Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Kobelco Construction Equipment (India) Pvt Ltd talks about his company’s goals and how Kobelco’s products offer cutting edge technology.

What range of products is Kobelco offering for efficient and fast construction of roads under different geographical conditions?
Kobelco has a range of excavators, the mini excavator range starts from 3.0 ton. In the excavator range, we offer a 14 ton excavator and it goes all the way up to 38 ton for road specific projects. Depending on the scope of the work at hand, we encourage and guide our customers to make the right selection to get optimum results.

What are the latest innovations and technologies in your road construction product range?
All our machines launched in India have been upgraded with latest technology. These machines are silent and decibel levels are very low. The comfort for the operator is excellent and it also has an air conditioned cabin for the operator to work comfortably. In terms of technology, the machines use highest level ofMechatronics. The engine and hydraulic components combination works as per the required load. So, if there is a lighter load, it will use a lighter cycle and if it’s harder work then it will switch as per requirements. Our equipment centre also features Geoscan, which monitors the performance of monitor and can be accessed from remote locations.

What are the hurdles you see for faster construction of roads in the interiors of the country?
The issue of land acquisition is quite common and known to everybody. The other challenges include skilled manpower and ensuring there are zero accidents. Making technology affordable so that it is not limited to the metros alone is another challenge. As a company, we feel people in the interiors require access to affordable technology so that they too can partake in the growth that the country is witnessing in terms of roads and other infrastructure.

What are some policy changes you expect from the government?
NBFCs plays a very active role in the road construction and infrastructure sector. So a sound policy on NBFCs is desired so that they can function properly. The funds for projects have to be released on time as well. The government should also think about how to get the work done on mutually agreed terms and norms. The govt should also come up with better GST approach for the machines used in the construction industry.

So, what is your outlook for the current year?
2019 was quite discouraging. The government held back investments on key infrastructure projects. The lack of funds posed as a big problem for all the players in the road and construction sector. Given the present circumstances, I feel that the industry will register a 10 per cent growth. I am not very optimistic about 2020, a lot depends on the measures taken in the budget.

What are your export plans and also new product ranges that Kobelco is coming up with?
Catering to the Indian market is our first priority. Having said that, Kobelco also exports its machines to countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Middle East, Sri Lanka and some African countries. We are also coming up with machines which are high on technology and utility moreover they will be priced taking into account our existing economy model.

E Moses, Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Kobelco Construction Equipment (India) Pvt Ltd

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