Liebherr’s strategy for staying at the forefront of technological advancements involves robust R&D, responsive market engagement, and proactive adherence to evolving safety standards, ensuring the company leads with innovative solutions.

How does Liebherr demonstrate its commitment to innovation and excellence in market service?

Liebherr Mobile Cranes, an established brand with a longstanding presence, has been dedicated to serving the country through our channel partners and business associates. Our commitment continues with a range of innovative product lines, spanning from 35 to 1200 tons, All terrain Cranes and Crawlers extending from 500 to 3000 tons. We’ve introduced the LRT, a 100-ton Rough Terrain crane equipped with cutting-edge features to meet evolving market demands. At Liebherr, we prioritise delivering excellence and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring our customers benefit from top-tier solutions across the entire spectrum of our offerings.

What safety standards does Liebherr adhere to in crane production in India?

Liebherr takes pride in meticulous attention to safety and adherence to the globally recognised EN 13000 crane standard, ensuring the highest industry benchmarks are met. In India, we conduct thorough investigations to align with the EN 13000 standard, emphasising the critical importance of safety in lifting equipment. One of our patented technologies, VARIOBASE, sets us apart and is widely adopted by new clients. This innovation enables operators to work in diverse and constrained positions, enhancing flexibility. Our focus extends to incorporating the LICCON Load Lifting Limiter, offering a comprehensive overview of load charts. This ensures precise load capacity management, with real-time reflection in the system. The system also includes robust data logging capabilities coupled with advanced telematics systems. This allows users to access and analyse data on laptops and computers, offering insights into operator performance and identifying potential errors. At Liebherr, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and fostering a culture of safety and accountability in every aspect of our crane offerings.

In what ways do industry events like Excon contribute to catalysing the growth of the construction industry?

Industry events like Excon play a pivotal role in catalysing the growth of the construction industry. As a leading platform in South Asia, it facilitates crucial interactions with customers and suppliers, fostering deeper market understanding and closer relationships. Such platforms are indispensable, providing invaluable opportunities for networking and collaboration. Being an integral part of these events is essential for staying abreast of industry trends, forging partnerships, and contributing to the overall advancement and sustainability of the construction sector.

How does Liebherr stay informed about innovation and new technologies within the industry?

Liebherr maintains its status as a prominent brand in construction equipment through a robust Research and Development (R&D) division based in Germany. Our continuous engagement with the market enables us to gather valuable feedback regarding evolving requirements. We are highly responsive to customer needs, implementing innovative solutions aligned with their specific field demands. Prioritising safety, we adhere to the dynamic EN13000 standard, which evolves with increasing safety requirements. As a market leader, we comply with these standards and proactively introduce innovations to surpass them. This commitment ensures that our products meet current market demands and anticipate and exceed expectations, reflecting our dedication to excellence, safety, and technological advancement.

How does Liebherr enhance operational efficiency and sustainability in its products, and what are the key design considerations?

Liebherr focuses on enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability in its products through meticulous design considerations encompassing structural, components, and hydraulics. We manufacture many components in-house, ensuring optimal synergy with the structure to achieve the highest output. This adherence to Liebherr standards guarantees that our equipment delivers the right performance, reflecting our commitment to operational excellence and sustainable practices.

How is Liebherr aligning with future-oriented innovations, particularly concerning the EN13000 standard and feedback from global markets, including India?

Liebherr is committed to future-oriented innovations, aligning closely with the EN13000 standard and incorporating feedback from diverse global markets, including India. In response to market needs, our focus extends to enhancing safety features for lifting equipment, especially in constrained workspaces. Operator safety is paramount, and we are actively advancing technology at per with ICEMA technology roadmap for 2035. Notably, we recognise the absence of a regulated act for off-highway vehicles and are collaborating with ICEMA to advocate for such regulation. Liebherr is poised to meet evolving technological requirements, ensuring our products meet current standards and anticipate and adapt to future regulatory landscapes. As we strive to introduce innovations that prioritise safety and efficiency, our goal is to consistently support our customers with cutting-edge technology that aligns with the evolving needs of the construction and heavy equipment industry.

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