Manufacturers play a vital role in selecting the right tipper for an application, says Muzzammil Khan, CEO, Amma Engineering Pvt Ltd. However, one part is based on the application – nature and quantum of material to be handled – while on the customer side, it depends on captive use for contractual work, size and contract duration.

Please share your product range and their applications?
Our product covers varied tipper body sizes in rigid chassis 6 to 32 cu.m (applications-sand and aggregates, rock, ores, coal, etc.); tip trailer body sizes: 28 to 46 cu.m with tandem and tridem axle trailers. (applications – coal and aggregates) These bodies are of steel ST 52-3 or equivalent or Hardox and Domex combination, etc. For open market we are customising and manufacturing as per end user requirement. Hydraulic Wet kit – we are sourcing from manufacturers like Hyva. Production Capacity per annum is around 4000 units (tippers / tip trailers etc.)

What are the criteria to select suitable tipper trucks for a project?
Tipper trucks have utility as haulage and dumping vehicle. However, as per manufacturers, they play a vital role in selecting the right tipper for an application. One part is based on the application – nature and quantum of material to be handled, terrain, gradient, width of access roads or ‘benches’ and lead distance to be covered. On the customer side, it would depend on whether it is for captive use or for contractual work, size and duration of the contract and availability of finance. Other factors influencing choice of tipper could be regulatory issues and existing population of vehicles in a site.

How do you help your customers achieve greater value for money?
Since your business makes money from delivery or goods haulage, a new truck will help your business make money and hence, it will perform as an asset. A new truck does not require too much maintenance and repairs, as long as you stay true to the required servicing needs in the first year. You don’t have to spend money to make the truck roadworthy as you would do with a used truck. Also, you will spend more on repairs, as older truck components may not be available as new models are brought in. These costs that used trucks add to the ownership make them expensive to own and operate, and if the truck has to staff off the road for repairs and maintenance, the cost of ownership increases and also your financial liabilities. Hence, truck prices in India may appear high in the first instance, but in the long run, you do save money.

How does your offering help in meeting modern requirements of construction?
Today, manual unloading route has become history and the same replaced with tippers. Nowadays, tippers have undergone radical changes in design and size making it most suitable to almost all applications, including garbage handling, various port applications, and general bulk material handling in various industries. In future this industry, will shift to using lighter and stronger materials in manufacturing in addition to improved performances of the critical components in terms of reliability of the overall system.

What is the major factor impacting equipment efficiency?
Productivity is dependent both on the number of tippers in use and the no. of trips they make per shift. Cycle time depends on time to complete one cycle of operation consisting of loading time, hauling time, dumping time, and time of back to the load point. The cycle time also continuously changes as the face advances, since both hauling and return time will increase This study lead us to the conclusion that the productivity and efficiency of a shovel and tipper combination can be achieved by the proper allocation and matching of tippers to a given shovel. This will also reduce losses in the potential productivity. Construction equipment plays an important role in construction industry. About 30 per cent of overall construction cost accounts for equipment.

Tippers have undergone radical changes in design and size making it most suitable to almost all applications in various industries.
Muzzammil Khan, CEO, Amma Engineering Pvt Ltd

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