Let’s take a look on what experts have to say on which type of metal building is good and why.

The metal building can be secured using welds that bind the pieces together permanently, or using bolts that can be removed and replaced. Weld-up steel buildings are usually fabricated, for the most part, at the job site. Usually all the framing and components are measured and cut then welded together. Bolt-up steel buildings are manufactured in a fabrication facility or factory. Featuring expert’s suggestion on which type of metal building is good:

Major connections of steel building are bolt together
According to Milan Supanekar, Owner, Welding Technologies India, any time you receive raw materials, whether it’s raw lumber for a pole barn, or steel you must weld yourself, you’re adding extra time to the construction process. All major connections of steel buildings are bolt-together with pre-punched holes, and most components are precut and numbered to correspond with your drawings for quick assembly. One can have the perfect foundation and best materials, but a poor connection equals poor structural integrity. For this reason, most factories that manufacturer bolt-up steel buildings employ quality control staff and certified welding inspectors. Weld-up steel buildings don’t usually have this type of quality control in place. By choosing bolt-up steel buildings, one eliminates this extra cost consideration.

Comparing the investment in weld-up and bolt-up building Milan says, “Initial weld-up building materials could be somewhat less than a bolt-up steel building, but those material costs are offset when you consider the entire project’s lifetime. With weld-up buildings, repairs or routine maintenance is much more expensive and labour intensive in the long run. If a bolt-up steel building ever sustained damage, simply unbolt and replace with a similar component from the manufacturer. Again, there is no welding or cutting required.”

Preferring bolt-up for steel building Milan says, “Bolt together steel buildings are pre-engineered and designed by in-house engineers to go up quickly and efficiently. Mostly first time builders opt to go for bolt-up steel buildings for the ease of assembly, especially since they can erect the building themselves and spare the extra expense of a contractor. Any builder with a set of ordinary tools and easy to read instructions can erect a bolt together steel building. Bolt-up steel buildings are much more durable, flexible and cost effective than weld-up steel buildings. For first time builders interested in ease of construction, quality and especially safety, the choice is simple.”

Sharing his offerings for metal buildings Milan says, “We offer Arc welding machines such as MMAW, MIG welding, SAW machines and automation. Nowadays most of the large size buildings are made out of PEB and mostly all large structures are welded by welding automation.”

World knows that future of steel buildings are the way to go for better aesthetics, design and storage. Once the decision of going for a metal building is freeze then determination must be made on the type of design. While both the type of buildings are made of metal; the biggest debate, other than size, is often, if we need to go with weld style or bolt style building.

Preference to bolt-up metal building
Stating his view on which type of metal building is good Dr. Sandeep Gupta, MD, Richa Industries Ltd said, “We at Richa Industries Ltd have always given preference to bolt-up metal building (Pre-Engineered Buildings) which get manufactured in plant and then got erected on site. Bolt-up buildings offer a wealth of options; one can add windows, doors, skylights, gutters, vents and insulation to your order. The sizes, heights and spans for your pre-engineered building are practically limitless. These buildings have high control on quality; everything is fabricated to strict specifications.“

Cons of weld-up building
Talking about cons of weld-up building Gupta said, “Weld-up building is having its own limitations. Initial weld up building cost could be somewhat less than a bolt-up building but those material costs are offset when you consider the project’s lifetime. Bolt up steel buildings are more durable, flexible and cost effective in comparison to weld –up buildings.”
“We believe in building the nation with our best quality products. Richa has enormous experience of manufacturing every type of steel buildings including high-rise steel structure buildings, rail over bridges, multilevel car parking, metro stations, warehouses, airplane hangars, steel girders and many more,” said Gupta about their offering for metal buildings.

Quality of welding can’t be reliable
According to P V Rao, Managing Director, Pennar Engineered Building Systems Ltd. “In olden days, the structures were fabricated at site and the joints used to be welded. The quality of welding at site was a question mark as we are not sure of usage of proper welding consumables at site and also there is check on welder’s qualification. Hence the quality of welding can’t be reliable. Moreover, if the structures are welded at joints, we can’t relocate them in case of necessity. Current trend is to have fabrication (transportable lengths) at plant under controlled conditions and to transport to site and then assemble for erection using high strength connection bolts.”

Further talking about the offering in this segment Rao said, “We fabricate pieces (up to 12m) at plant and then assemble at site while erection using high strength bolts.”

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