MEVA, a 50-year leader in formwork, has been a key player in India since 2009, emphasizing safety and efficiency. The recent launch of the MSC240 Climbing Scaffold reflects MEVA’s commitment to innovative solutions in tall building construction. This article explores the MSC240’s features, highlighting MEVA’s dedication to advanced formwork systems in the Indian construction sector.

Every construction manager faces the challenge of completing construction projects faster despite a workforce shortage. Modern construction methods are, therefore, the rule rather than the exception in today’s world, and this trend has also affected the use of formwork systems.

MEVA is a pioneer and trendsetter for the entire formwork industry. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, was built with slab formwork from MEVA. MEVA was founded in February 1970 in the Black Forest near Stuttgart and can look back on 50 years of experience in developing and supplying formwork systems for some of the most significant projects in the world. For the Indian market, MEVA has been working passionately since 2009 to make formwork safer, more efficient and easier for the users. In India, MEVA offers an integrated formwork system for projects with fully engineered and compatible components. The company focuses on providing users with superior formwork systems to reduce cycle time, cost efficiency, and reusability. MEVA also has the first automatic climbing formwork system installed in India to its credit.

MSC240: The multi-functional climbing scaffold

Most modern residential and commercial buildings have heavily reinforced vertical members e.g., Core and shear walls. With the entire process of constructing walls and slabs being on a critical path, the speed of construction slows down, resulting in delayed project completion. Hence, in such cases, construction managers try to climb the vertical members independently of the slab by keeping its progress a couple of floors higher than the slab.

The MSC240 Climbing Platform delivers this objective most seamlessly. Ensuring high safety and speeding up the construction process are the main priorities when erecting tall buildings. The MEVA MSC240 Climbing Scaffold ensures efficient and quick climbing even under challenging ambient conditions.


MSC240 Climbing Scaffold, with a 2.4m wide platform, provides all the technical advantages of large-area formwork irrespective of the height of the building, with the same level of safety as at ground level. In addition to climbing, it offers a working platform for rebar fixing, formwork set-up and concrete pouring work. It can be supplemented with a trailing platform to perform follow- up work.The Slide Carriage allows the formwork to be retracted up to 755mm, providing sufficient space for workers to execute rebar, formwork set-up, and box-out work. The formwork and platform are lifted by crane to the next level as a single unit, saving valuable time and labour costs.


The MSC240 bracket frame has provision for fixing either K6 Aluminium Beams or H20 Wooden Beams, onto which plywood is screwed or nailed to form a platform. This platform allows workers sufficient space to tie reinforcement, fix box-outs and clean formwork. The Beam Clamp anchors the K6 aluminium or H20 beams to the main bracket frame. Guard Rail Posts placed at the perimeter of the platform provide fall protection. The guard rail post is anchored to a GRP end support at end platforms where the K6 or H20 beams are under cantilever action.

The MSC240 climbing scaffold uses anchoring parts designed and tested for the highest safety. The Anchor Plate 15/170, climbing cone M24, and mounting ring M24 help transfer loads from the climbing platform to the surrounding concrete. The MSC240 climbing scaffold climbs only after the fixed concrete anchoring system attains a minimum compressive strength of 15 N/mm2. Platform length can be determined for various wind speeds, formwork height and concrete strength requirements. Apart from buildings, the MSC240 is also an efficient solution for bridge and viaduct piers.

MEVA offers customers in India a comprehensive product portfolio covering all formwork requirements from infrastructure projects to high-rises, from handset formwork to automatic climbing technology. MEVA is internationally active and has 40 locations in over 30 countries on five continents. MEVA develops technically sophisticated and easy-to-use solutions for varied applications that help users overcome on-site challenges while always remaining one step ahead in safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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