In an exclusive interview, Sanjay Saxena, COO of Sany India and South Asia, discusses its proactive approach to industry trends, sustainable construction, and the integration of advanced technologies.

What major trends shape the construction equipment industry, and how is Sany India adapting to these changes?

SANY India proactively addresses dynamic trends in the construction equipment industry through strategic initiatives. Committed to sustainable construction, our focus on developing electric and hybrid equipment aligns with environmental goals. Integration of advanced technologies like telematics and AI enhances equipment efficiency, proven in major projects.

Responding to prefabrication trends, we offer specialised equipment emphasising efficiency. Looking towards the future, our investment in autonomous and semi-autonomous equipment and partnerships with research institutions position us at the forefront of construction automation. We’ve established comprehensive training programs and partnerships with vocational institutions to meet evolving workforce needs, ensuring skilled operators and technicians. SANY India’s dedication to innovation and excellence in construction is evident across various facets of the industry.

How does the company address concerns related to the environmental impact of construction equipment?

Our steadfast commitment to sustainable practices in construction equipment operations reflects our pivotal role in infrastructure development and environmental sustainability. We prioritise transparent engagement with stakeholders to address and alleviate environmental concerns. This involves regular life cycle assessments, emphasising research and development for cleaner, more fuel-efficient technologies. As eco-friendly innovators, we’ve introduced advanced electric and hybrid construction equipment while continually improving diesel engine fuel efficiency. Our manufacturing practices involve resource optimisation, responsible sourcing, and maintaining a green supply chain. We actively involve employees in environmental initiatives and support community outreach and renewable energy development. SANY India’s sustainable construction equipment manufacturing leadership is grounded in our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and environmental responsibility, shaping a better future.

Are any specific strategies in place to navigate challenges such as supply chain disruptions or economic uncertainties?

We’ve implemented a resilient strategy to manage supply chain disruptions and economic uncertainties effectively. By expanding and diversifying our supply chain, we have reduced reliance on single sources, bolstering our ability to handle regional disruptions. Our advanced inventory management system balances just-in-time delivery with strategic reserves, optimising cost and preventing production delays. Flexible manufacturing processes enable swift responses to market shifts, ensuring operational efficiency. Financially, we maintain strict discipline, holding robust liquidity reserves and closely monitoring market trends for informed decisions. Our ongoing investment in technology and innovation drives product and operational advancements. With a customer-centric focus, we align with client needs, building trust and lasting partnerships. These strategies position SANY India to navigate current economic challenges while upholding our commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

What strategies does Sany India employ to ensure its construction equipment meets stringent emission standards?

SANY India is steadfast in promoting eco-friendly construction practices, emphasising compliance with and surpassing Bharat Stage (BS) VI standards. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in fuel-efficient engine designs, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Advanced emission control technologies further enhance our environmental efforts. Telematics enable real-time monitoring, optimising equipment performance and minimising emissions. Beyond technology, we foster an eco-conscious workforce culture and actively participate in industry collaborations, reinforcing our dedication to sustainable construction practices. SANY India stands at the forefront of steering the construction industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

In your experience, how does using recycled materials impact the overall cost-effectiveness of road construction projects?

Our dedication to circularity in road construction emphasises the cost-effective use of recycled materials. Our specialised equipment seamlessly integrates recycled materials, streamlining workflows and saving time and resources. This approach enhances project cost-effectiveness and results in the construction of durable roads, requiring less maintenance, leading to long-term savings. Despite initial investments, the subsequent cost efficiencies and environmental benefits make recycled materials an optimal choice for sustainable infrastructure development. SANY India is committed to spearheading the adoption of more sustainable and economically viable road construction methods.

What role do regulatory bodies play in promoting circular economy practices within the industry?

We regard regulatory bodies as indispensable partners in promoting circularity in the construction sector. Their pivotal role in establishing ambitious targets for resource recovery and recycled content guides our industry towards sustainable practices. Adhering to eco-design principles, mandated for durability, repairability, and recyclability, is a key focus influencing our new and existing product lines. The support of regulatory bodies in fostering research, sharing best practices, and building partnerships is invaluable for driving innovation and progress.

Have digital tools or AI been incorporated into your processes to optimise circular economy practices?

We lead sustainable construction through digital innovation. Our Smart Fleet Management system optimises equipment use, reducing fuel consumption and extending lifespan with predictive maintenance. AI-powered recycling enhances material separation for high-quality reuse. Circular design and procurement, using 3D modelling, facilitate reusing building material, connecting us with recycled material suppliers. Our autonomous construction equipment, such as excavators and loaders, improves efficiency, minimises human error, and reduces waste. These strategies embody SANY India’s commitment to pioneering eco-friendly construction practices.

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