The constant dedication to providing a high-quality product distinguishes Ashar Locker Group. This interview explores the fundamental principles and behaviours that make Ashar Locker special, building on a tradition that spans over half a century. The company’s commitment to quality propels it to become well-known internationally, from its careful selection of raw materials to its strict observance of quality standards.

“In our business, prioritising quality is paramount, so we source all our raw materials exclusively from top-tier suppliers to ensure superior quality.”

How has Ashar Locker Group’s over fifty years of experience influenced its innovations?

With over fifty years of experience, Ashar Locker Group has provided services to the mining and construction industries worldwide. We have been a part of the mining business for fifty years. Our primary production plant, which serves domestic and foreign markets, is in Mumbai, India. Among our noteworthy accomplishments is being the first in the world to introduce anticlogging screens. This innovation is now considered standard, and our committed research and development staff is always working to improve it even more.

Pls talk about your procurement standards to adhere to quality benchmarks

In our business, prioritising quality is paramount, so we source all our raw materials exclusively from top-tier suppliers to ensure superior quality. This commitment may lead to our products being priced slightly higher than our Indian competitors, who opt for more cost-effective alternatives. Unlike some competitors who source wires from scrap dealers, we procure ours only from reputable suppliers like Tata Steel. The price difference is notable, but our unwavering commitment to delivering highquality products sets us apart. Additionally, we are aware that some competitors use Mocha, a highly carcinogenic substance. In contrast, Ashar Locker is dedicated to avoiding harmful chemicals in our products globally, ensuring they are environmentally friendly, even if they come at a higher cost.

What is your take on recent government policies affecting the mining industry?

The government is focusing on infrastructure and the mining sector in an admirable attempt to create a 5 trillion economy. But one issue we deal with is the volatility of raw material costs. For example, steel prices doubled following COVID-19, and the new normal is very different. We propose creating a regulatory agency to oversee and maintain steel pricing in India, guaranteeing the industry’s continuous expansion.


Please talk about your participation planned for Excon 2023 

We are especially looking forward to the upcoming expo and have some interesting things planned. We want to have a significant effect every year, and this year is no exception. Our innovations will have an excellent opportunity to be shown off at the expo, and we know that our customers will be interested in the new adjustments we’re making.

You mentioned rebranding; can you share more details about it?

Ashar Locker is going through a thorough rebranding. The new brand represents a more modern, business-oriented, and international strategy. We successfully grew in Africa and Indonesia during the past year and intend to continue growing our business in Europe and the US. This rebranding initiative aims to strengthen Ashar Locker’s global presence and make the company a household name.

What measures are in place to ensure consistent quality and reliability across all markets?

Since Ashar Locker has dealers in nearly every global market, we can offer seamless service to consumers worldwide. Customers can access our products from the closest warehouse, regardless of location. Maintaining consistent quality across all markets is a crucial first step in keeping a worldwide inventory, guaranteeing consistency and dependability.


What is your vision for the future of the mining industry?

We are thrilled about the future and are working on some innovative projects. Our R&D team is actively involved in incorporating AI technology into our products. In the coming years, we anticipate launching products enhanced with AI capabilities, poised to revolutionise the market in various aspects. Our substantial investment in AI underscores our dedication to remaining a leader in technological advancements.

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