This exclusive interview examines the multi-modal logistics paradigm shift transforming the construction industry. Learn how integrating diverse means of transport increases productivity, expedites deliveries, and promotes sustainability, setting new industry norms.

“CJ DARCL Logistics excels in various aspects of warehousing optimisation, including network optimisation, warehouse design, and cargo loading optimisation.”

How has integrating various transportation modes improved the efficiency and reliability of project logistics?

CJ DARCL Logistics Ltd has adopted multi-modal logistics, integrating rail, road, air, and waterways, to enhance efficiency and reliability, especially in the construction sector. This approach, aimed at becoming a total logistics service provider by 2027, offers numerous benefits. We’ve increased productivity and streamlined operations by utilising different transportation modes, choosing the most efficient mode for each project phase. This focus has accelerated deliveries, a critical factor in construction where timelines are essential. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our reduced environmental footprint, including eco-friendly transportation methods that save on fuel and promote greener logistics.

Significant cost savings, especially in fuel costs, have been realised through multi-modal transportation, alongside improved turn-around times, ensuring timely delivery of essential materials for infrastructure projects. Our comprehensive project logistics services encompass ocean and land transportation, customs clearance, and the arrangement of heavy lift equipment, among others. In South India, our collaborations with MNCs in construction equipment logistics have established us as a leader in handling high-value and specialised equipment, reinforcing our position in the sector.

How has CJ DARCL Logistics leveraged advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) and technology to optimise its warehousing solutions?

Warehouses today are multifaceted hubs offering on-time deliveries and efficient distribution services, a shift from traditional storage facilities thanks to AI, ML, and IoT technologies. CJ DARCL Logistics provides a multiuser warehousing facility with services extending beyond basic storage, such as shelf-life maintenance, product mixing, packaging, and order fulfilment. We cater to diverse needs with climatecontrolled, ambient, and automated fulfilment centres.

Our advanced in-house WMS technology ensures end-to-end inventory visibility and integrates with clients’ ERP systems for seamless data flow. We specialise in warehousing optimisation, including network design and cargo loading, enhancing operational efficiency and adapting to changing client needs through advanced technological solutions.

What sustainability initiatives has CJ DARCL Logistics undertaken to align with the industry?

We are committed to environmental responsibility, aligning our business strategies with sustainable practices. This commitment is central to our goal of becoming the top total logistics service provider by 2027. Key initiatives include shifting a significant part of our operations from road to rail and reducing our carbon footprint by moving over 40 rakes monthly. We’ve strategically located our warehouses for efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Our recent pilot run of electric vehicles (EVs) demonstrates our progress towards zero carbon emissions, and we’re embracing alternative fuels for cargo delivery. Our integrated multimodal connectivity network optimises fuel use and delivery times. This move from road to rail is crucial in reducing carbon emissions, aligning with India’s sustainability goals and fostering a more responsible logistics sector.


How do you prioritise customercentric services and adapt to evolving customer demands?

CJ DARCL Logistics is dedicated to customer-centric solutions, focusing on innovation and efficiency to become the leading logistics service provider by 2027. We’ve diversified our operations to include Air Cargo, Warehousing, Railways, and Coastal services, and we offer specialised container solutions like custom containers for varied cargo types. Our integration of automated machines in warehousing and substantial investments in advanced technologies like transport management systems and digitisation reflect this commitment. A key technological advancement is our companywide implementation of an ERP system, particularly SAP, enhancing operational transparency with GPS and SIM-based tracking, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of the logistics industry efficiently.

Construction projects often require a high degree of supply chain visibility. How do you provide endto-end visibility for your clients?

We prioritise supply chain visibility in the construction sector, employing advanced technology and logistics systems for comprehensive tracking and monitoring. Our Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and digital tools offer real-time tracking, monitoring, and reporting, integrating GPS and SIM-based systems for precise shipment location updates. We provide customised, real-time reporting on shipment progress, enabling informed decision-making. Our 24/7 customer support team addresses inquiries and updates, while collaboration with partners ensures seamless information flow throughout the supply chain. Proactive measures are in place to quickly resolve disruptions, maintaining transparency and minimising delays. We continuously enhance our processes and technology and provide the latest logistics technology, solidifying our role as a trusted construction logistics partner.

How does CJ DARCL Logistics assist construction clients in mitigating the impact of natural disasters through supply chain resilience and contingency planning?


CJ DARCL Logistics focuses on helping construction clients enhance supply chain resilience against natural disasters. We start with thorough risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities like supplier locations and transportation routes in disaster-prone areas. Custom contingency plans are then developed, incorporating advanced real-time tracking and monitoring technologies to manage shipments during disasters. We collaborate closely with clients to create comprehensive disaster recovery plans, ensuring quick operational resumption post-disaster. Our extensive network of partners aids in effective disaster response, and regular drills and training sessions ensure preparedness. Additionally, we integrate sustainability into our practices, using eco-friendly, resilient materials to strengthen supply chain robustness, aiming to keep our clients’ projects on track despite natural disasters.

Can you share examples of successful collaborations or partnerships that have enhanced operational efficiency?

We have enhanced its services and operational efficiency through key collaborations and partnerships across the logistics and transportation industry. We’ve established strategic relationships with over 4.5 lakh suppliers, creating a network of over 800,000 vehicles to extend our reach. Our partnerships with leading technology providers enable us to utilise advanced tracking, optimisation, and data-driven decisionmaking solutions. Collaborations with warehousing and distribution providers, railways, and ports have broadened our capabilities, offering cost-effective and sustainable transportation options. We also work closely with clients, particularly in the construction equipment sector, to develop customised safety solutions and with training organisations to keep our team skilled and knowledgeable. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is reinforced through partnerships with environmental organisations, focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and implementing eco-friendly practices. These collaborations are crucial to our goal of providing top-tier logistics solutions and embody our dedication to industry innovation and client needs.

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