Beyond its renowned products, Supreme is improving the plumbing industry. Learn how their innovative training programmes are creating a qualified and quality-driven workforce.

While Supreme is extremely proud of the changes it has brought in people’s lives with its over 11,000 unique and advanced quality piping products, it is equally proud of the different training and up-skilling activities it has undertaken to improve the quality of plumbing. Our commitment to training and up-skilling plumbing professionals nationwide is driven by a vision to elevate the industry’s standards and create a skilled workforce. The following initiatives are majorly contributing to training and up-skilling.

Knowledge centres: A concurrent knowledge-sharing platform

Supreme’s knowledge centres are the epicentres of knowledge, skill enhancement, and innovation. The journey began with establishing a state-of-the-art knowledge centre at Gadegaon (Jalgaon), which acts like a “Gurukul” for the plumbing fraternity. This knowledge centre has proved to be a very effective platform for imparting training and making the trained workforce available to the construction industry. Inspired by the success of this centre, we established three more such centres at Ernakulam (KL), Malanpur (MP), and Kharagpur (WB) to reach out to as many plumbing professionals as possible. Through these centres, we provide extensive training to professionals like plumbers, plumbing contractors, architects, engineers, consultants, etc. The training imparted at these knowledge centres aligns with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). Till now @ 40,000 plumbing professionals have visited these centres and have greatly benefited. The process is ongoing, ensuring continuous skill enhancement and development.

Bridging gaps with training programmes

Recognising the need to cater to the requirements of the industry’s organised and unorganised sectors, we have introduced unique and innovative Plumbing Professional Training Programmes (PPTPs) and Plumbing Workshops (PWs).

The PPTPs cover professionals like architects, engineers, and MEP consultants in metros, tier-I, and tier-II cities. This meticulously designed program on “Plumbing Technology” covers a wide range of plumbing subjects, from project design to execution, various technical aspects, and new trends and practices in plumbing. By equipping professionals with up-to-date knowledge and practices, PPTPs are helping to elevate the standard of plumbing in urban landscapes.

The PWs are designed for plumbers and plumbing contractors working in an organised and unorganised sector. Unlike regular workshops, these thoughtfully designed programs are helping practising plumbers and plumbing contractors on important plumbing topics, standard plumbing practices, and the latest advancements in plumbing. This is greatly helping to improve the artistry and overall quality of plumbing work.

We are proud to have conducted more than 1,000 workshops till now and have covered over 100,000 plumbing professionals.

Elevating the plumbing landscape with engineers meet

Recently, we have introduced another new and unique initiative, i.e., Engineers Meet on Plumbing Technology. This programme has been designed to fulfil the various training needs of professionals, like site engineers, civil engineers, senior plumbing contractors, and supervisors. By extending this training to this crucial group of professionals, we are enhancing their subject knowledge, products, applications, and installation techniques and raising the quality standards of plumbing projects nationwide.

Practical learning through plumbing labs and excellence centres

Understanding the importance of practical learning, we are collaborating with prestigious institutes to establish plumbing labs and excellence centres at different locations in the country. These plumbing labs and excellence centres provide hands-on experience by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Empowering the future with an advanced plumbing course

With the introduction of the Advanced Plumbing Course, we have taken another giant step toward shaping the future of the plumbing industry. This two-month full-fledged residential plumbing training programme is designed to equip fresh candidates from the unprivileged sector of society with the technical and professional skills required to excel in plumbing and water management. By offering this comprehensive course, we have opened the doors for unskilled individuals to gain valuable skills and become valuable contributors to the industry. We are receiving an overwhelming response to this course, and the students from these batches are working in the plumbing sector with great passion, enthusiasm, and dedication. With this advanced plumbing course, we are enhancing people’s skills and contributing to meeting the growing need for a skilled workforce.

Authored by – G. S. Dikondawar, Sr. General Manager (Innovation & Technology), The Supreme Industries Ltd

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