Efficiency and sustainability are key factors in wastewater treatment. The aeration technology developed by ENVIRON, which not only maximises efficiency but also embodies a commitment to environmental sustainability, has made some ground-breaking developments examined in this article.

While evaluating Aeration Systems, a total performance & cost of operation analysis is critical. The components of this analysis should include an evaluation of the initial capital cost of system installation, all operating and energy costs, & projected maintenance costs. Also included should be an analysis of how well the systems perform the four basic functions required of all Aerators:

1) Provide sufficient Oxygen Transfer to promote biological treatment.

2) Provide sufficient mixing to ensure homogeneity of mixed liquor-suspended solids & to prevent solids from settling.

3) Respond to varying process conditions to maximise energy efficiency.

4) Provide reliable service without costly maintenance & downtime and reduced oxygen transfer capability.

Now, it is a time to think & to know that in any Biological Aeration System, apart from Oxygen Transfer, Mixing Criteria are equally essential and a must. In any Aeration System having any Effluent, the Outlet results cannot be achieved if the Mixing Efficiency is missing, which most manufacturers and consultants fail to consider this point?



ENVIRON has had its R&D since its inception and continuously works to increase the Oxygen Transfer rate and the High Mixing Efficiency of Mechanical Aerators. It has developed an Energy Efficient Aerator, which can offer results up to 6 mtrs—water depth with minimum Energy consumption. None of the Aeration Systems in India can offer results up to 6 meters. Water depth with minimum Energy Consumption. ENVIRON Aerators are offered with unique features having:

1) Fabricated & machined Base Frame for 5HP to 15HP & for 20HP & above ratings Heavy ISMB Beam Base is provided. So, vibrations are lessened & again, the Base is machined on the Top Surface of a Heavy Duty Lathe, so the life of the gearbox is increased. (We are the only mfg. in India to provide this feature).

2) Cantilevered load reaction is passed through additional bearings & housing to the Bottom of the Beam Base and the RCC platform. So, gear is not at all affected by overhung load. Hence, the life of the gearbox is increased.

3) Additional Bearing Support is provided to the Aerator Shaft, so the unbalanced cantilevered loads are NOT passed to the output shaft of the gearbox. Still, those loads are taken by TWO EXTRA bearings provided with housing. So, the life of the gearbox is increased. (no other mfg. in India is providing this feature). Secondly, the maintenance of the gearbox is also very easy. To lose the four bolts of the gearbox and six bolts of coupling, one can take out only the gearbox.

4) Amply designed MS FULLY MACHINED Solid Shaft to handle heavy cantilevered, unbalanced & torsional loads, supported on two numbers of heavy-duty antifriction bearings housed in heavy-duty cast-iron bearing housing. Since the shaft is fully machined, No possibility of VOUBLING of the Shaft concentric running of the impeller is ensured. (No other mfg. in India is providing this feature.) / Secondly, Tubular Shafts in Aerators with Helical Gears are provided.

5) The impeller is designed as a single shrouded pump impeller to achieve maximum Oxygen Transfer and mixing efficiency. Being a Semi-open type impeller, it has a precious self-cleaning feature. Hence, practically zero maintenance is required for the impeller. Secondly, the impeller is machined at the centre for its concentric running.

Secondly, due to the conical Impeller & solid MS Shaft, CG lies nearer to the centre, so there is less impact loading. (We are the only mfg. in India to offer this feature).  

6) NEW GENERATION of ENVIRON ENERGY EFFICIENT AERATORS having the special unique feature of an Additional Impeller at the bottom for efficient mixing at the floor level of the Aeration Tank having tank Water Depth up to 6mtrs., due to which the Oxygen Transfer Efficiency of the Impeller is increased & hence with lesser HP more Oxygen Transfer is achieved. Secondly, less area is required due to water depth of 6mtrs. Civil construction cost & the space required will be less, hence economical. It avoids settling sludge at the floor level up to 6 meters—water depth. We are the first in India to introduce this feature.

7) The life of this Aerator is about 12 – 15 years. No variation of results in all four corners of the Aeration System till its life is ensured due to efficient mixing. Secondly, the maintenance is also Minimal, almost NIL in this Aerator.

The working of ENVIRON ENERGY EFFICIENT Aerator is like:

The Top Impeller has a very high Oxygen Transfer Capacity, and the Bottom Impeller is provided for rigorous mixing.

Authored by – J.C. Thakore, Mg. Director – Environ Engineering Company, Baroda

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