Paras Kumar, Managing Director, Sharp Ply is confident in addressing the competition with a much wider product range which includes formwork and much more.

What is your strategy to expand business for existing product range of Formwork Systems?
We keep a tab on the new developments in the international market and try to adopt the same in our country. In line with our motto we always keep ourselves abreast of the latest global developments.

We are also participating in all leading business shows and showcasing our product range which is not only at par with best product available in market but also very cost effective, we are very confident on our quality as our principal doesn’t believe compromising quality for sake of entering market. Fact is we are one of the new players in this field and obviously oldies will have their own resistance to stop us & for sure we will have tough competition from them, but we are not worried as our quality will speak in long run. Our strength is our network across India and sooner or later we will have fruit for our efforts. Our working module is little different than our competitors as our product range is much wider & we are not restricted to formwork alone and that is our USP.

What are the challenges you see are faced by the industry in dealing with upcoming demand and supply?
Whole country is passing through transition phase so are we, undoubtedly there are going to be lot of challenges to maintain our pace with low market demand, but nothing is impossible and this doesn’t discourage us from moving ahead. We are trying to upgrade lot on product part and trying to bring cost effective product to cater Indian market need. In present market scenario clients are finding difficulties on capex investment.

What is your expectation from the industry bodies and policy makers to capitalize the present market?
Present government couldn’t bring lucrative policies to attract new entries and on other hand banks had tightened cash flow to prevent NPA, which is giving adverse effect and market is not responding favourable, but in last few days government moves to introduce new policies shows positive efforts to uplift market. In time to come we strongly feel that FDA investment should flow in various sectors and economy will start churning back to normal. It cannot happen overnight but it will happen, when you look at global scene we are still in better placed because we are one of very few upcoming countries where lot and lot to develop in almost all sectors. Looking at such a huge requirements of largely populated country in time to come we can’t be at same place. There is tremendous scope for development across India and all of us will get chance to shake hand with new India with unlimited opportunities.

What is your companys outlook for 2022?
If all goes well and if market improvise, we are looking for 200 crore plus turnover by 2022. We have capabilities to mould ourselves with changing trend and we are fortunate to see this transition period where new India is being made. Feeling proud to be a part of this era.

Paras Kumar, Managing Director, Sharp Ply (India) Private Limited

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