CASCHAL was founded in 1964 in Steinach in the Black forest, West Germany, whose inhabitants are known for innovations, accuracy and sense of quality. PASCHAL, an ISO 9001:2000 company currently serves several satisfied construction companies in 60 countries.

In India, the company’s technical support is located at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad and manufacturing unit at Visakhapatnam. The company has successfully launched its first product Modular Panel, assembled in India in April 2010 and gained very quick response from the market because of its user friendliness.

Modular Panel System
PASCHAL modular formwork systems are of various panel sizes. The panels are strong and durable, being manufactured of 6 mm-thick high quality sturdy steel which do not corrode. Surface of these panels are covered by high quality Finnish birch plywood (density 780 kg/ cum) with a phenolic resin coating. The edges of the plywood are protected by steel frame and the gap between frame and surface is filled with a special joint filling agent. Hence, the panel’s plywood can be re-used up to 250 times (approx) and the steel frame will remain for a longer period. The efficient use of modular formwork can speed up the superstructure by 3 times compared to the traditional formwork system. 

• German technology and quality
• Complete formwork solution
• Panel system – various sizes
• PASCHAL I-dent (RFID), a unique feature. Compatible solution for logistics • Durable and environment friendly
• Just one connection technique.

• Versatile, flexible and unique
• Self alignment – precised dimensions
• Quick adaptability
• User-friendly- easy erection and dismantling
• Smooth finish-plastering can be avoided.

PASCHAL’s Modular system is a multipurpose system which can be used in reality sector as well as infrastructure sector. In a building project, the system can be used from footing, plinth beam, columns, walls, roof beam and lift shafts. The system is used wherever the concrete pouring is done. The beauty is that, only one system is used in overall project. It is compatible with the traditional system wherever required so, the typical Indian style of “This as well as that” also works with the system.
The system is also used in infrastructure projects like power projects for track hoppers, RCC walls etc, irrigation Projects for canal drains, box culverts, water treatment plants, and reservoirs etc. 

PASCHAL Deck System for slab with H-Girder  Available:  H-12 /16/20 Girders
PASCHAL Deck is a flexible Slab formwork for any type of Slabs. The three main components are plywood, H – Girders, and props.

This system is ideal for use with different slab thickness. The H- Girder are used as main girders to support the cross girders, so that the same parts can be used in both directions.  The system is flexible with ability to adapt to various different room sizes. It is available in various lengths as per the requirement. 

Main advantages
• Less number of connections
• Flexible adjustment to every layout
• Optimum use of material
• Always the same assembly sequence
• Low material cost.

PASCHAL also provides its service after material delivery by facilitating onsite training.

RFID technology
Since 2003, the formwork specialist, PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH has resorted a new territory of development and designed the system PASCHAL-I dent.  PASCHAL uses this system consequently and successfully since 2008 with corresponding software for administration of its own rental park.

During manufacturing PASCHAL integrates the transponder chips in formwork elements of Modular Universal Formwork and LOGO.3 Formwork. Each individual transponder installed in the element is provided with a globally unique identification number. At present, the i-dent system from PASCHAL is unique in the branch of industry. The i-dent system helps in maintaining the inventory and logistics.  

PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Plot no. 901, Road No. 46, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad – 500033, Andhra Pradesh
Tele: +91-40-66580505/23546755
Fax: +91-40-66580506

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