What is your strategy to expand business for existing product range?
We will be focusing on the following activities to tap the market:
Network Enhancement: Sany India is currently well positioned in terms of its reach towards it customers and has an outlet every 150 Km radius. Our aim is to bring this to am outlet every 100 Km. This shall bring our products and services even closer to the customers all across India.

Continuous Product Upgradation: We monitor the product performance closely & implement continuous improvements to ensure higher reliability & maintain product acceptance in the market.

Information Technology: Information Technology is an enabler for us in the field of Product enhancements, customer service, sales process improvement & cost control.

Value added Services: We have introduced several value added services like specific attachments, FMC contracts, spares packages etc to help the customers earn more profit, thereby assuringrepeat orders.

Looking at the present scenario what would you advise for procurement of your solutions? Buy it or rent it, why do you say so?
India’s vision towards to become a 5 trillion-dollar economy gives an indication for ample growth in the industry. Boosted investment in infrastructure, digitalization & water management has kick-started a new cycle of opportunities. In this case, we shall suggest procurement of new excavators against renting especially for medium and large contractors. Project completion and faster execution demands newer machines with lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance cycles.

What are the challenges you see are faced by the industry in dealing with upcoming demand and supply?
Variable business cycles make projections and forecasting difficult in this scenario. However, future projections show an increase in business requirements which shall force all manufacturers to manage their manufacturing cycles and inventory better.BS-IV implementation by 2021 shall be major challenge for all manufacturers. Product & segment considerations will force us to make multiple modifications to provide the customers similar level product characteristics with the revised emission norms.

What is your expectation from the industry bodies and policy makers to capitalise the present market?
Special Policies for more fund liquidity in the market. Easy & enough funding for FTU & FTB Customers.Project Monitoring agencies to ensure faster releasing of project work orders & payments for the old contracts.

To establish a distinction between high-selling construction equipment’s & mining/project based equipment’s for BS-IV implementation and cut-off time.

What is your company’s outlook for 2022?
SANY is a global leader in construction equipment’s and one of the few manufacturers with such a large range of products ranging from Cranes, piling rigs and earthmoving products to Concrete solutions. We expect the market to bounce back by 1st quarter of 2020 and remain buoyant for next 3 to 4 years. This is owing to the outlook put forward by Government of India towards infrastructure development and budgetary allocation. SANY India is already a market leader in a few product lines such as Cranes & Piling Rigs. Our aim is to be a leader in all product ranges and establish out network to every nook and corner of Indian

We shall suggest procurement of new excavators against renting especially for medium and large contractors.
Dheeraj Kumar Panda, Director – Sales, Marketing and Customer Support

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