Part of the US$ 1.25 billion Ramco Group, Ramco Industries Limited, is transforming the building materials industry with a focus on sustainability and excellence.

Our commitment to green construction is exemplified by innovative products like Ramco Hilux and Ramco Hiden, which offer robust, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials.

Ramco Industries Limited is part of the USD 1.25 Billion ‘Ramco Group’, which has interests in building materials, cotton yarn, surgical cotton software, and power. With 12 plants across South Asia and an 8,000-strong dealer network, Ramco Industries is one of South Asia’s leading building materials manufacturers. It has also been at the forefront of innovation, answering perplexing challenges with definitive solutions.

Ramco Industries Limited is one of the best performing, highly efficient producers of Fibre Cement Sheets in India and has pioneered and introduced the innovative Calcium Silicate Board – Ramco Hilux, a versatile building material using Japanese technology from the ‘A&A Materials Corporation, Japan. Ramco Hilux scores overwhelmingly against Plywood, Gypsum, MDF boards, or any other wood composite boards in the market because of their phenomenal properties. They are the ideal choice for dry construction – be it walls, partitions, or ceilings.

Ramco Hiden is a superior alternative to traditional wet construction process materials like brick and mortar. With an exceptionally high impact strength, these boards are easier to install and aid rapid construction. As a Category 4 and Type A product per IS 14862, it has excellent weather-resistant properties and high impact resistance, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Ramco Hicem Fibre Cement Boards, Tiles, and Planks are made using cement, cellulose fibres, and special additives. Their laminar process gives them a stable crystalline structure, which adds an added advantage, making them more durable and dynamically stable.

Ramco Greencor is a superior roofing product manufactured using European Technology and specially developed (PVA) Polypropylene Fibres to give the world its first ideal industrial roofing sheets. Ramco Greencor roofing sheets are 100 percent asbestos-free. Unlike metal roofing sheets, they do not corrode and are unaffected by lightning and electrical power, ensuring a safe environment for the occupants. Greencor creates zero noise pollution and provides a calm and quiet interior.

Ramco Industries also provides 3600 supports in Green Dry construction through Ramco SmartBuild Solutions, offering design and material consultancy, project execution, site quality assurance, and dry construction training.

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