Raw material is accessible whether it is foreign or Indian, there has never been an issue about it, it is how you formulate your product is what matters.

It is widely being considered that there is possible economic slowdown marking signs. Given this situation, what is your strategy to expand the business for your existing product range?
In my opinion if you have a wide product range the dependence on one or two products is minimum for survival. The broad range of product and the extensive distribution network available helps the company flourish even during a economic slowdown.

When it comes to sectoral analysis is there any specific sector where there is an impact of slow down?
There is an overall impact in all the sectors of the Construction Industry. However the major impact of the slow down seems to be from the Builder segment. The infrastructure segment and the retail segment seems to be doing well and it has shown overall growth.

In the backdrop of the branding which exists to push the sales of a product, do you believe that the consumer is in a position to make an informed choice? Has the customer become more quality conscious?
The consumer most of the time is unable to make an informed choice as most of the decision are made by the applicator or the small time contractor. It is the confidence of the applicator or contractor which determines the confidence in a customer. The customers quality consciousness ends when the guarantee warrantees are offered by the applicator.

From the industry point of view what are the challenges are chemical and quoting industry are dealing with?
The chemical and coating industry has evolved over a period of time. Today there are solutions available which helps a customer solve all types of issues. The awareness is the Industrial segment is increasing and it will help the Industry to get more focussed in the coming years.

When it comes to manufacturing the raw material itself is there any problem from that side?
Raw materials for the construction chemical Industry is readily available whether it be foreign or Indian. One has to pay a price to get the right types of a raw material so that the formulated product work best at the clients site.

A J Charles, Director, Perma Construction Aids Pvt Ltd.

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