The machinery we craft undergoes extensive performance testing to ensure it meets the highest standards before we present it to our valued customers.

Safety is paramount for Reliflex Machinery & Equipment. Explore the safety measures and features integrated into their equipment, ensuring reliable and secure construction operations.

Since its inception in 2011, can you walk us through the Reliflex Machinery & Equipment journey and highlight the key milestones and achievements?

Absolutely Reliflex began as a part of Reliflex Exim Services Pvt Ltd, focusing on supplying a variety of construction and building machinery. Our start in 2011 was marked by importing equipment from international powerhouses like Germany and Japan, among others. We’ve also strongly emphasised manufacturing and assembling on Indian soil. Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive product range, established headquarters in Bangalore, and expanded across India with a network of over 800 dealers. Internationally, we’ve made our presence known in markets including Tanzania and Dubai.

What distinguishes Reliflex in the competitive construction machinery market in terms of product range and quality?

Reliflex stands out as a globally recognised brand, with our machinery being sold in over 60 countries. Our competitive edge lies in our product quality, backed by international certifications like ISO9001 and European CE, and our ability to offer these quality products at competitive prices due to India’s low-cost labour.

How does safety factor into the equipment provided by Reliflex Machinery & Equipment?

For us, safety is not negotiable. We ensure that our machinery delivers superior performance and prioritize  the safety of the end-users. Each piece of equipment is rigorously tested and meets stringent safety criteria before it reaches our customers.

Could you shed some light on how technology and innovation influence your product development and manufacturing processes?

Our R&D team is relentless in their pursuit of innovation, which allows us to offer a wide array of products tailored to different sectors like roads and railways. We stay updated with the latest advancements to ensure our machinery is at the cutting edge, enhancing our customers’ operational efficiency and reliability.

Considering Reliflex’s international footprint, what cultural and regulatory challenges do you face, and how do you adapt your business strategies?

Our approach is highly customised. We understand the construction industry’s diverse needs and provide tailor-made machinery solutions. Our clients can rely on something other than international vendors for their specific needs. Timeliness and quality are core to our ethics, ensuring we deliver reliable products consistently.

 What’s on the horizon for Reliflex Machinery & Equipment regarding growth and expansion?

 We aim to broaden our horizons beyond the Indian market, bringing our trusted and premium construction machinery to a global clientele. Our goal is to become a mainstay in the construction industries of various countries, enhancing our product offerings and geographic reach.

Reliflex Machinery Equipment

Spokesperson – Adnan Shabbir Boxwala – Founder, Director – Reliflex

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