Colorshine, through its product range, offers pre-painted and bare roofing and cladding sheets that boast several unique features like corrosion resistance, durability, aesthetic flexibility, and low maintenance.

Explore the difficulties in controlling project expenditures without sacrificing the quality of the materials used. Discover how procurement specialists may use roofing sheets and steel coils from Colorshine to achieve economical and energy-efficient building solutions.

Can you talk about Colorshine’s roofing sheets and Steel Alu Zinc (AZ)/ Galvalume Coils, their unique features, and their benefits?

Colorshine offers pre-painted and bare Alu Zinc (AZ) coils and sheets. This coated steel roofing product finds usage in the construction industry and the infrastructure industry for industrial sheds, factory buildings, plants, etc.

Colorshine, through its product brands like SIGNATURE, SPECTRUM, PRATHAM, and METALUME, offers pre-painted and bare roofing and cladding sheets that boast several unique features like corrosion resistance, durability, aesthetic flexibility, and low maintenance, all that make them well-suited for the needs of the infrastructure and construction sector for roofing /cladding and other exterior building applications. It helps ensure longevity and performance in various environmental conditions.

What emerging trends do you see in terms of materials and products, and how are industry players in India positioned to adapt to these changes?

At Colorshine, we are proactively engaging with both raw material suppliers and customers to stay at the forefront of these technological advancements.

A notable trend is the increasing prioritisation of sustainability, with a surge in demand for eco-friendly roofing options. This includes using recycled materials, low-emission products, and energy-efficient products. In coastal areas, customers are interested in advanced coatings and materials resistant to corrosion.

Through these continuous dialogues and our commitment to innovation, we are well-positioned to embrace these emerging trends.

What are the key considerations for project procurement professionals when selecting roofing and cladding materials for construction projects?

There are several critical factors to weigh, particularly concerning durability and sustainability. They must diligently assess and juxtapose various coated steel coil options suitable for roofing sheets, considering the material’s quality, endurance, service life, and energy efficiency.

At Colorhine, we cater to diverse roofing necessities across different budgetary constraints. Our premium pre-painted product, SIGNATURE, stands at the high end, followed by SPECTRUM and PRATHAM, with METALUME available in bare form, ensuring a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the varied application requirements.

How can professionals effectively evaluate the cost-effectiveness of materials like steel coils and roofing sheets in their procurement decisions?

Initiating a clear budget for the project, they should diligently evaluate offerings from different suppliers, scrutinising the quality of the products. Considering sustainability and energy efficiency is paramount, alongside conducting a thorough end-of-life cycle analysis and cost-benefit evaluation. The assurance of warranties or guarantees associated with the products should be noticed.

By adopting this approach, procurement professionals can make well-informed decisions.

Can you brief about your commitment to sustainability and technology innovation?

At Colorshine Coated Pvt Ltd, we are committed to embracing new technologies to improve sustainability, efficiency, and safety. We integrate eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact. We uphold stringent quality standards for durable and safe infrastructure. Our focus extends to implementing strict worker and end-user safety. We are strategically expanding into new markets and fostering industry collaborations. Engaging with communities and ensuring compliance with local & global standards are crucial to our operations. We invest in continuous employee training to stay at the industry’s forefront. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission.


Spokesperson – Savio Lainez, VP – Sales and Marketing, Colorshine

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