Karthik Mahesh Shah, Vice President of Design & Development at JK Tyre, shares insights into the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and meeting the dynamic needs of the industry.

What notable tyre innovation did JK Tyre introduce to India, showcasing its trailblazing approach in the industry?

JK Tyre has been a trailblazer in tyre innovations, notably pioneering radial tyre technology in India. We boast twelve well-equipped manufacturing units, out of which nine manufacturing facilities are in India and three manufacturing facilities in overseas i.e., in Mexico. Our expertise extends to the production of off the road tyres, including giant tyre sizes like 40.00-57, which featured in the Limca Book of Records as India’s largest tyre, weighing an impressive 3.5 tonnes, and measuring 12 feet in height. Continuing this legacy, we proudly unveil 11 new products at this exhibition – Excon 2023. These offerings cater to various sectors, focusing on mining, construction, and Port applications, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries in tyre technology and meeting diverse industry needs.

How has JK Tyre communicated its sustainability efforts over the past five years, and why is this disclosure important for the company?

In the realm of sustainability, JK Tyre shines as a prominent tyre manufacturer in India, and recently we introduced UX green PCR tyres which is made of 80% sustainable materials. Our production methods are geared towards environmental responsibility, avoiding excessive industrialization. We’re deeply committed to sustainability, as demonstrated by the widespread adoption of zero liquid discharge in nearly all our plants. Over the last five years, our commitment to a sustainable environment has been consistently detailed in our annual reports, emphasizing our ongoing efforts. Looking ahead, we stand firm in our promise to manufacture eco-friendly tyres, showcasing our unwavering dedication to sustainability and highlighting the strides we’ve made on this crucial journey.

How long has JK Tyre been involved in the mining industry, and in what ways has the company pioneered developments in this sector since 2005?

Since 2005, JK Tyre has been a trailblazer in the mining industry, consistently leading the way in evolution. Aligned with the government’s focus on construction and mining, we proudly stand as the largest suppliers to renowned entities such as Coal India and BEML. Our extensive presence in the mining sector reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the industry. Notably, our enduring dedication and substantial contributions position us as key players in driving advancements within the mining sector.

Karthik Mahesh Shah, Vice President of Design & Development at JK Tyre, shares insights into the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and meeting the dynamic needs of the industry.

What has been JK Tyre’s approach to global markets, and how many countries does the company currently supply its products to worldwide?

Since the beginning, JK Tyre has been unwavering in its commitment to global markets, serving customers to over 110 countries across the world. Our product design is finely tuned to cater to the specific needs of each market. We have a dedicated team that directly collaborates with customers, understanding their requirements and creating specialized solutions tailored to distinct markets. In alignment with our global strategy, we took a significant step by acquiring a company in Mexico in 2008. This strategic move positions us to develop custom products for the United States, Mexico, and other NAFTA countries, solidifying our dedication to delivering precision-engineered solutions on a global scale.

How does JK Tyre contribute to developing environmentally friendly tyre technologies by shaping regulations and standards?

Being deeply engaged in the tyre industry, we take a leading role in shaping regulations and standards. Our Managing Director heads the committee responsible for finalizing these standards, showcasing our pivotal position in industry governance. We work closely with different government bodies and regulators, actively tackling challenges related to rolling resistance, superior performance, and tyre flexion characteristic. Our proactive involvement not only ensures compliance with regulations but also contributes to customer benefits and environmental sustainability. Collaborating closely with governments, we prioritize ongoing improvement, aligning our focus with evolving industry standards. This underscores our commitment to both regulatory compliance and the continual enhancement of our products.

Can you provide more details about the Port Champion Plus, JK Tyre’s recently introduced Tyre? What sets it apart from existing products in the market?

We’re excited to share our latest product, the Port Champion Plus! We carefully designed it to meet what customers are looking for right now. Customers wanted the tyres that last longer and can carry more weight, so we made a tyre that’s great at both. The special thing about this tyre is that it can carry heavy containers well, which is super important for machines like Reach Stackers used in ports. Our Port Champion Plus is all set to become a leader in the industry by lasting longer, proving our dedication to being innovative and keeping up with what the market needs.

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