The ever-evolving steel industry is witnessing remarkable growth, estimated at 13 to 14 percent, primarily fueled by the surging wave of infrastructure development. Jindal Steel is proactively investing to elevate its production capacity from 9 to 30 million tons by 2030.

What products was your exhibit focused on at Excon?

Our primary focus was on diverse steel plates meticulously designed for the mining and construction equipment industry. This encompassed specialised categories such as quench and tempered plates, abrasive-resistant plates, and high-quality structural-grade plates. Beyond this, we presented distinctive offerings, including sheet piles, intricate structures, and an innovative line of tracksuits. This strategic presentation solidifies our standing as one of the select global suppliers, showcasing our versatility and commitment to pioneering solutions in the steel industry.

Could you provide insights into recent trends in the steel industry?

The steel industry is currently witnessing substantial growth, estimated at approximately 13 to 14 percent, chiefly driven by the ongoing surge in infrastructure development. In sync with this prevailing trend, our company is making substantial investments to elevate our production capacity from 9 to 30 million tons by 2030. This strategic move is a proactive response to the escalating steel demands of the nation, positioning us to effectively contribute to and meet the evolving needs of the market.

How do you perceive the current regulatory landscape for the construction sector?

Government initiatives have played a pivotal role, igniting a surge in construction activities nationwide. With a steadfast emphasis on infrastructure development, the construction industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. These favourable circumstances present an array of significant opportunities for our company, aligning seamlessly with our unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving demands within the infrastructure sector.

What are the key strategies and values that drive your integration into the global supply chain and its commitment to sustainability and inclusivity within the steel industry?

Globalisation, manifested through localising global products and establishing a resilient supply chain in India, seamlessly integrates with the core of our industry. Technology is pivotal in shaping steel products that adhere meticulously to global standards, thereby fortifying the expansion endeavours of construction equipment manufacturers. Our commitment to sustainability, underscored by our ambitious net-zero emissions target by 2035, harmonises with the industry’s collective pursuit of green initiatives. This commitment fosters collaboration and contributes to positioning India as a dynamic hub in the global supply chain.

Moreover, gender inclusiveness stands as a central tenet within our corporate ethos. Striving for a diverse workforce, we aim to have at least 25 percent of our employees encompassing females or individuals from other genders. This deliberate commitment is a testament to our sustained efforts to challenge and overcome the prevailing male-dominated norms entrenched in the steel industry.

Can you share details about your production pipeline or any new developments?

Our newest hottest strip mill, set to launch this week with a capacity of 5 million tons, marks a significant addition. During our past focus on infrastructure, the hot strip mill allowed us to cater to consumer demand, particularly in the automobile and white goods sectors. Further, investments in colour-coated galvanised lines are underway to meet consumer-driven demands. We’re scaling up production capacity from 9 to 16 million tons next year, with a target of reaching 30 million tons by 2030, covering a comprehensive product range from rebars to colour-coated sheets.

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