Rajeev Chaturvedi, Vice President- Sales, Marketing, After Service & Parts of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India, provides critical insights into Hyundai’s success, highlights groundbreaking innovations featured at Excon 2023, and unveils the unique strategy of leveraging ‘human dynamics’ for differentiation in a competitive industry.

How long has Hyundai been present in the Indian market, and what has been the key factor driving its substantial growth in the infrastructure and mining sectors?

With a solid 15-year presence in India, Hyundai has witnessed substantial growth in the infrastructure and mining sectors. HD Hyundai offers technologically advanced products with superior fuel efficiency and operational economics. This commitment to innovation has become a key driver of success in the Indian market. Understanding the priorities of Indian customers who seek the lowest life cycle maintenance costs amidst rising commodity and fuel prices, Hyundai invests significantly in integrating cutting-edge technology into its products. The company’s focus on efficiency and economy over the equipment’s life cycle reflects a strategic commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the Indian market, ensuring sustained profitability for customers in an increasingly challenging economic landscape.

How does your company view Excon 2023 as a platform for showcasing technological progress and innovation in the construction equipment sector?

Excon 2023 is a remarkable opportunity in South Asia, serving as one of the largest construction equipment exhibitions. Post-pandemic, it offers a significant platform for exhibitors, including our company, to showcase groundbreaking advancements to the world. This exhibition is not just a display of products but a testament to our commitment to technological progress and innovation. At Excon 2023, we are proud to present 18 products, featuring the launch of four new Smart Plus Series excavators in the 8 to 15-ton range. These excavators embody best-in-class technology, exceptional fuel economy, and unparalleled operational cost efficiency. Additionally, our showcase includes two-wheel loaders designed for both the infrastructure and construction segments, with capacities ranging from three to five tons, the latter specifically catering to mining applications. These wheel loaders, crafted by our expert engineers, epitomise our dedication to providing value-added services through cutting-edge technology, emphasising our unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. 

How does participation in events like Excon drive industry growth through networking?

Industry events like Excon play a pivotal role in fostering industry growth by providing an excellent platform for networking, collaboration, and forging connections with vendors, finance partners, and OEMs. These exhibitions create opportunities for valuable collaborations and strategic alliances, contributing to establishing competitive advantages through industry peers’ displays of cutting-edge technologies. Notably, they serve as a showcase for companies like Hyundai to present their products, including excavators, wheel loaders, and technological solutions. This platform enables companies to highlight their infrastructure and services, empowering customers with diverse choices. Events like Excon facilitate informed customer decision-making, offering a comprehensive view of the industry landscape. It’s a prime occasion for industry players to connect, engage with important customers, and spotlight the best offerings in terms of technology and solutions. 

What are Hyundai’s key innovations at Excon 2023, and what makes the Smart Plus series excavators a groundbreaking addition to your product lineup?

At Excon 2023, Hyundai will unveil its groundbreaking Smart Plus series excavators, featuring models such as the Smart Plus 85, 140, and 150, ranging from 8 to 15 tons. The spotlight is on the HX35, a 3.5-ton compact excavator globally launched with cutting-edge features, digital technology, and diagnostic capabilities, catering to small and confined project areas in urban and rural settings. Hyundai’s wheel loaders, including the 310 and 5-10 models, showcase advanced technology, emphasising fuel economy and productivity for infrastructure and mining applications. This product showcase strategically aligns with India’s push towards a 5-trillion-dollar economy and Hyundai’s commitment to shaping the nation’s future.

Rajeev Chaturvedi, Vice President- Sales, Marketing, After Service & Parts of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment India, provides critical insights into Hyundai's success, highlights groundbreaking innovations featured at Excon 2023, and unveils the unique strategy of leveraging 'human dynamics' for differentiation in a competitive industry.

Beyond technical prowess, Hyundai emphasises “Comfort Intelligence,” rooted in providing holistic solutions, peace of mind, and a customer-centric approach. Celebrating a 50-year heritage, Hyundai’s company name, HD Hyundai construction equipment, symbolises Human Dynamics, highlighting the integration of human intelligence into technology and customer relationships. Hyundai’s presentation extends beyond equipment, embodying a vision for a comfortable and intelligent tomorrow, positioning itself as a key player in India’s evolving landscape. 

How does Hyundai address the multifaceted challenges in the mining industry?

In navigating the dynamic challenges of the mining industry, Hyundai prioritises continuous innovation and staying abreast of product developments. Acknowledging the multifaceted issues in machine operations, economics, diagnostics, and project management, the recent launch of the Smart Plus series excavators and wheel loaders underscores Hyundai’s commitment to addressing challenges through digitised solutions.

The Smart Plus excavators, digitally powered, facilitate remote monitoring of performance parameters, operational hours, breakdown incidents, and fault codes. Introducing the Smart Customer First app empowers customers to monitor operations, report faults, and proactively communicate with Hyundai, enhancing overall machine efficiency and customer satisfaction.

A noteworthy development is the High Track feature in the Smart Plus excavators, which offers comprehensive machine health monitoring, tracks performance trends and fuel consumption, and identifies proactive maintenance needs. High Track introduces a unique digital platform for customer interaction, facilitating the buying, selling, and renting equipment within a community-based approach, streamlining communication and meeting customer requirements efficiently.

Hyundai’s innovation strategy, rooted in customer feedback and understanding emerging demands, involves piloting and iterating solutions in collaboration with customers. This iterative feedback loop ensures that Hyundai’s products consistently exceed customer expectations, delivering delightful experiences and reinforcing their commitment to customer-centric innovation in the mining industry.

How does Hyundai align with the key themes of globalisation, sustainability, and technological advancements at Excon 2023?

In the context of the construction industry and the key focus areas for Excon 2023, globalisation, sustainability, technological advancements, and inclusiveness, Hyundai aligns its vision with the theme of “Building India’s Tomorrow” and its commitment to creating a “Comfortable Tomorrow” through comfort intelligence. Emphasising human dynamics, Hyundai strives to cater to the futuristic India envisioned by Excon’s theme. Innovation within the company is driven by pursuing customer-centric solutions, regularly incorporating feedback, and addressing the evolving demands of the young generation, who are not just customers but the future of India.

Hyundai recognises the global conversation around alternative fuels and actively explores technologies like hydrogen-powered and electric escalators. While these discussions are global, Hyundai is committed to making these advanced solutions available in India when the ecosystem is ready. The company acknowledges the development of alternate fuel technologies within the country, particularly in electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered systems. Hyundai’s engineers are dedicated to keeping pace with India’s future needs, ensuring that the construction equipment industry is well-prepared to embrace advancements and contribute to tomorrow’s sustainable and inclusive India.

What is HD Hyundai’s unique approach to differentiation, specifically through leveraging human dynamics?

In navigating the competitive landscape, HD Hyundai recognises that products, technology, and solutions will become standard offerings in the market. The company focuses on creating differentiation through a unique approach—leveraging human dynamics to stand out. This involves empowering Hyundai employees and enhancing the capabilities of dealer partners and the entire distribution channel. The goal is to make them more intelligent, alert to customer needs, and adept at engaging with the younger generation for continuous improvement.

Building strong human dynamics extends to customers as well. HD Hyundai values big and retail customers, addressing their needs from the initial purchase through the equipment’s lifecycle. The organisation aims to provide competitive solutions for the youth and ageing equipment, offering ease of disposal and addressing environmental concerns while utilising Hyundai technology.

Recognising the evolving nature of the industry and the vision of India’s tomorrow, HD Hyundai places a significant emphasis on skill development. The company’s Takshila initiative focuses on developing the capabilities of young individuals, especially those with limited education and employment opportunities. Through this program, Hyundai collaborates with dealer networks to sponsor and train individuals, transforming them into skilled technical experts. This commitment to skill development aligns with the broader goal of contributing to India’s growth by empowering its youth and fostering a competitive edge against its global counterparts.

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