With the growing population everyone needs to find a way to keep themselves safe and healthy. As wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with the comfort of the environment where work, live, learn, play or even recover from illness. In this era, urban population spend 90 per cent of their time indoors so buildings have a major impact on the health and wellbeing. A growing population is demanding a healthier and comfortable working and living conditions. The challenge is how to make it available in a sustainable way.

ROCKWOOL keeps a close eye on global megatrends to ensure that the product portfolio stays relevant to the most pressing issues facing the world. Seeing these megatrends as opportunities to improve the lives of people around the world. ROCKWOOL product has become central to conversation on issues like climate change, health and wellbeing, urbanisation, and resource scarcity.

Building like people needs to stay healthy, a building is safe and healthy when it is resilient to fire, protected from rot and mould and maintain a consistent temperature. ROCKWOOL is committed to enriching the lives of everyone. Whether its energy consumption, noise pollution to fire resilience or developing solutions to tackle the world’s biggest sustainability and development problem.
Urbanisation often brings infrastructure and domestic building closer together. From railways to tramways, roads to airport, good infrastructure is crucial to urban life, which can be very noisy. The resulting ground-borne vibration, traffic noise-and not to mention human noise pollution – all have a serious and negative impact on the wellbeing, especially in densely populated areas.

Noise problem in building envelops can be the result of impact noise or airborne noise. Both problems require proper understanding and treatments of wall, callings, system and material in the room to achieve a good indoor acoustic environment.

ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro is designed and manufactured to achieve excellent acoustic insulation performance in all type of drywall partition configurations. It is recommended to be used for drywall partition applications in hospital cinemas, school, offices, residential and industrial buildings.

Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro meets the requirement of Noise Criteria (NC) specifications developed by the ROCKWOOL company. NC comprehensively measures the noise levels of a room and with the use of NC ratings, recommends the desired acoustic comfort level of a room/space.

Few insulations can take the heat like ROCKWOOL products do. ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro isA1 fire classified/Non-Combustible according to EN 13501-1. It is particularly suitable for fire protection, thermal insulation, and sound reduction or absorption.

ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent is both water repellent and moisture resistant. The product repels water even when exposed to temporary splashing of rain water at construction site and still able to maintain its shape over time.

ROCKWOOL Safe ‘n’ Silent Pro is inorganic and contains no nutritious substance. Therefore, it will not be attached by microorganism and not rot and does not attract vermin.

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