One of the reasons for our success is owing to our focus on ‘work safety’ as a priority than production, and hence we have never faced any fatal accident/ incidents at any of our sites.

Malik Trading & Demolition was established 1996 in Hyderabad by G.S. Farooqui. The Head Office is based at Erragadda, Hyderabad. We have PAN India presence and our head office at Erragadda, Hyderabad. One of the reasons for our success is owing to our focus on ‘work safety’ as a priority than production, and hence we have never faced any fatal accident/incidents at any of our sites.

We are a trend setter in the field of demolition works in all civil structures like residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With a leading tag in demolition works, we also have a very good presence in earthmoving works since so far and are proud to say that we are now the largest construction chemicals distributors and applicators of BASF chemicals and other topmost construction chemicals. We also provide rental services for all types and range of construction equipment.

Following are our fields of specialization:

  • Demolition
  • Earth movers (Excavation & Backfilling)
  • Chemical distributors and applicators
  • Core cutting, anchoring and grouting
  • Construction equipment rentals

Malik Demolition contractors are capable of finishing each and every type of demolition/ dismantling/alteration in civil alterations within the time limits. We have all hi-tech tools and equipment available in dismantling/demolition industry. Demolition works mainly can be divided in the following categories that all we do:

 Economical Demolition: It includes all the works to be accomplished by manual skilled labours and hydraulic breaker. It is the faster and economical method of demolition. This method needs more working space that’s why used only in open working space sites.

 Diamond cutting: This technology is proven as the safest and most reliable method of demolition. This also provides the alteration needs in any structure whether residential, commercial or industrial. Diamond cutting tools are mainly:

  • Diamond wire saw cutting
  • Diamond wall saw cutting
  • Diamond Floor saw cutting

It is to be noted here that this is our strength that we have all diamond cutting tools. We have a broad list of own equipment.

  • Silent Demolition
  • Controlled Blasting Demolition

Excavation and Backfilling
We are specialist for excavation in Hard rocks. We have all the rarest technologies of rock excavation. Rock excavation techniques in use at various sites currently:

  • Rock breaker technology
  • Manual chiselling and breaking
  • Diamond wire saw cutting in rock
  • Compressed air pressure burning
    cutting of rock(This technology is capable cutting
  • any toughest and hardest rock)
  • Chemical breaking of rocks
  • Controlled Blasting
  • Open blasting

Construction equipment rentals
Malik Trading also provides hire and rental services for all kinds and all levels of construction equipment We have a wide range of our own equipment and rental services are provided across all over India. MO

G.S. Farooqui, Managing Director, Malik Trading and Demolition

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