SANY India, a prominent player in the construction equipment-manufacturing sector, takes center stage at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 to show case its latest innovations, marking a significant stride in the advancement of the construction industry.

With a commitment to excellence, SANY India proudly unveils a diverse lineup of state-of-the-art machinery designed to meet the dynamic demands of the global construction market. All the featured products at the expo are manufactured in India, adhering to the highest standards of quality, and reflect SANY’s dedication to contributing to the growth of the construction sector on a global scale.

The showcased products encompass a wide range of construction equipment, each embodying cutting-edge technological innovation. Among these, the STH 1256 Telescopic Handler stands out for its exceptional lifting capacity and reach, while the SSR 120 Soil Compactor is tailored for superior efficiency in road construction. The precision-engineered Paver SAP100C-10 takes the spotlight for extensive highway projects, and the SCM 1000 Milling Machine sets the benchmark for milling depth and performance.

In alignment with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, SANY India has achieved a notable milestone by exporting its machinery to the US market. This strategic move underscores SANY India’s commitment to bolstering the Indian manufacturing landscape while contributing to the global market. By maintaining a dual focus on domestic production and global exports, SANY India reinforces its dedication to positioning India as a pivotal manufacturing hub on the international stage.

Commenting on the Occasion, Deepak Garg, Managing Director of SANY and South Asia,says, “At SANY India we are proud to showcase our localised, global quality construction equipment at Bharat Mobility 2024, symbolising a significant step in advancing infrastructure development in India and beyond. Our showcased products are advanced construction equipment manufactured in India specifically for the global market. From Excavators to telehandlers and soil compactors to all sort of road machinery, each machine showcased at the expo exemplifies the values of quality, performance, and sustainability defining our success. This opportunity allows us to align our solutions with the evolving needs of the Indian infrastructure sector.”

SANY India, known as “Naye Bharat ka Nirmata” (The Creator of New India), currently boasts over 30,000 active machines contributing to major infrastructure projects across the country. With market leadership in various construction equipment segments, SANY India attributes its success to an extensive product line, global build quality, unwavering service commitment, innovative solutions, and manufacturing expertise. The participation in the Bharat Mobility Expo opens doors for collaboration and influence in shaping the future of Indian Infrastructure Development, reinforcing SANY India’s pivotal role in the nation’s ongoing growth story.

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