Tata Motors, the foremost automobile and mobility company in India, is currently showcasing a remarkable array of both current and future-ready vehicles and solutions at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024.

This event in New Delhi, marks a pioneering global mobility show in India. Tata Motors is leveraging its deep-rooted commitment to ‘made in India,’ coupled with its robust engineering prowess and a focus on human-centric design and cutting-edge innovation. The exhibition aims to redefine personal mobility, people mobility, and cargo transport, setting the stage for the future of mobility.

On display will be Tata Motors’ vision, commitment and capability is making true the promise of tomorrow, today. Visit the Tata Motors Pavilion at stand H14-04 of the Bharata Mandapam (Pragati Maidan) to see:

  • India’s 10 most advanced, efficient and eco-friendly Commercial Vehicles – Trucks, Buses, Tippers and Small trucks 
  • Future ready technologies – Hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines, twin cylinder CNG, efficient fuel delivery systems, battery electric powertrains and hydrogen fuel cell powered electric, to accelerate the adoption of clean and green mobility.
  • Smart, tech loaded vehicles – ADAS for enhanced safety, mobility solutions for public transport
  • Digitally Connected Vehicles – Fleet Edge platform for efficient fleet management of commercial vehicles, ZConnect & IRA for enhanced convenience in personal mobility.
  • Circular Economy – Re.Wi.Re for optimal recycling of end of life vehicles

Speaking about the Tata Motors commercial vehicles display at the expo, Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors says, “We are leading India’s transition towards safe and zero-emission technologies.  At the Bharat Mobility Global Expo, we are presenting the greenest, smartest, and most advanced suite of logistics and mass mobility solutions. Our display spans products, services and solutions – a testament of our holistic approach with innovative design, smart engineering, and understanding of customer needs. This showcasing of multiple green fuel alternatives – natural gas, electric, and hydrogen will set new standards for the industry in the nation’s quest towards sustainable mobility.”

Details of commercial vehicles on display at stand H14-04 of the Bharata Mandapam (Pragati Maidan)

  • Prima 5530.S LNG – Best in class LNG-powered commercial vehicle
  • Prima H.55S – Industry-first H2 ICE truck for eco-friendly goods transport
  • Prima E.28 K – E-mobility concept tipper for construction sector
  • Ultra E.9 – Smart logistics city electric truck for high-capacity urban cargo transportation
  • Ace CNG 2.0 – Ace’s inaugural Bi-Fuel mini truck made for uninterrupted operations
  • Ace EV – E-cargo solution for the urban cargo transportation.
  • Intra Bi-Fuel – India’s first Bi-Fuel pickup offering the dual benefits of CNG and Petrol
  • Magna EV – Zero-emission and state-of-the-art electric coach for comfortable intercity travel
  • Starbus Fuel Cell EV – India’s first hydrogen fuel-cell bus, indigenously designed for urban mass mobility
  • Starbus EV – Technologically advanced electric bus for modern passenger transportation solutions.
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