Inaugurating a manufacturing facility for wheel loaders in Bangalore, SDLG strategically aligns its operations with India’s Make in India initiative, bolstering market presence and customer value.

Recently, SDLG inaugurated a manufacturing facility for wheel loaders in Bangalore. What strategic significance does this facility hold for SDLG’s operations in India?

As you may know, we previously had a Volvo factory in Bangalore and have been in the SDLG business for over a decade, importing from China. Even during the construction of this factory, we had plans to start assembling SDLG products. Over the past 12 to 13 years, we have achieved a significant market share of 12 to 13 percent in wheel loaders under the SDLG brand. The timing was right to leverage the Make in India initiative and utilise our assembly lines. We began by assembling three specific models of wheel loaders, soon to be expanded to five, tailored for the Indian market. While we’re currently not exporting from here, it’s a possibility for the future. Local manufacturing allows us to deliver machines faster, fosters an emotional connection through Make in India, and generates direct and indirect employment opportunities. This move enhances our market position and improves customer value.

How does the brand ensure its products meet the specific requirements of each segment?

Our procurement strategy is crucial in tailoring products to meet segment-specific requirements. SDLG products introduced in India cater primarily to road construction, material handling, and quarrying. Although not extensively used in mining, we have recently introduced two models suitable for mining applications—a 7-ton wheel model and an 18-ton motor grader. Additionally, our equipment finds applications in crushing, ports, industrial material handling, and steel or cement plants.

How does SDLG integrate sustainability into its operations and product offerings?

Sustainability is embedded into our procurement practices, guiding our selection of suppliers and materials. We prioritise partnerships with vendors who share our commitment to environmental stewardship, opting for eco-friendly materials and components wherever possible. In addition, we implement stringent procurement criteria that emphasise sustainability metrics, such as carbon footprint, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. In line with this, we introduced India’s first SDLG electric wheel loader in January 2023, with a growing range of electric options. We are exploring cleaner technologies like hydrogen fuel. Safety features, such as rollover protection, fire suppression systems, and advanced monitoring, are standard across our machines.

Your equipment operates in various environments, including potentially hazardous construction sites. How does SDLG address safety concerns in these sectors?

Safety is paramount in our procurement decisions, influencing our selection of materials, components, and suppliers. We prioritise sourcing from reputable suppliers with stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring that all components meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices. For critical safety-related components, such as rollover protection systems and emergency steering mechanisms, we collaborate with certified suppliers renowned for their expertise in safety engineering. Additionally, we conduct rigorous supplier assessments and audits to verify compliance with safety standards and identify areas for continuous improvement. By integrating safety considerations into our procurement process, we not only enhance the reliability and performance of our equipment but also mitigate potential risks to operators and workers on construction sites.

How does SDLG leverage technology to enhance safety and operational efficiency?

Technology is pivotal in our strategy, enabling us to source innovative solutions that enhance safety and operational efficiency. We actively collaborate with technology partners and suppliers to identify and integrate cutting-edge technologies into our equipment, such as advanced sensors, telematics systems, and autonomous functionalities. From a procurement perspective, this entails engaging with suppliers who specialise in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art components and systems. We prioritise partnerships with vendors at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring that our equipment remains at the forefront of safety and performance. We offer optional features like fatigue monitoring and emergency steering. Remote monitoring allows real-time performance tracking and immediate response to alerts.

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