Discover how performance and accuracy merge in SITEX couplings. With toothed steel hubs and internally toothed sleeves made of super polyamide resins, these novel toothed couplings are engineered to join with remarkable accuracy.

SITEX® toothed couplings blend robust engineering and material innovation, featuring two steel hubs that engage with an internally toothed sleeve. This sleeve is crafted from enhanced 6.6 super polyamide resins, ensuring stability and durability in the coupling’s performance.

For lighter applications where cost-effectiveness is key, SITEX® offers the NYLEX® couplings. These are constructed entirely from Polyamide, a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing versatile solutions across a spectrum of needs. They come ready with a finished bore keyway and a threaded set screw, making them a ready-to-install solution for less demanding tasks.

In the realm of Diesel engine applications, the SITEX® FL couplings stand out. Specifically engineered to facilitate a seamless connection with driven equipment like hydraulic pumps, these couplings are tailored to enhance the engine-to-equipment interface, optimizing performance and reliability.

SIT S.p.A. has been at the forefront of keyless locking technology for over three decades with its SIT-LOCK® devices. These units have been the backbone of countless shaft-hub connections, offering a reliable and efficient method of affixing various hubs—including flywheels, pulleys, and gears—to shafts. Their versatility and ease of use have made them a staple in many industrial environments, proving their worth as a trusted component in complex machinery.


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