Reliable soft starters for LT/HT pumps, compressors
The complex process of starting an induction motor is intelligently controlled, simplified and a smooth jerkless start with reduced starting current is achieved with Jayashree HFSR Soft Starters.

Jayashree is pioneer in design & manufacture of harmonic free series reactor type soft-starters. The soft starters are most ideal for starting induction motors. The latest models incorporate a HMI control which keeps log of motor performance and parameters.

Available for 415V/3.3/6.6/11 KV with motor rating up to 35 MW; HMI/PLC control with data logging; CPRI tested & approved; ideal for pumps/compressors/crusher; can reduce starting current up to 1.5 X FLC; thousands of units in operation over last 35 years.

Twilight switch
Jayashree has recently introduced a reliable and robust automatic ambient light intensity detector switch. The unit incorporates a Twin Sensor technology to avoid false / nuisance sensing. The unit is useful for automatic switching “ON” loads such as street lights, landscape lights, sign boards, monuments & heritage buildings and public places. Models are also available with built-in programmable timer to switch off the loads after preset time, or to switch ON/OFF loads only in the evening.

Electronic speed switch
Electronic speed switches are used in conveyor and rotary speed monitoring applications. Tachometers are used to measure rotary speed with accuracy in process control applications.

Jayashree Electron is manufacturing electronic speed switches since 1982. Thousands of Jayashree models are working satisfactorily in various bulk material handling applications.

Electronic speed switches are available in various models to suit different application requirements.

Series RM E21/RM 221 is based on discrete electronic circuitry. These are provided with adjustment potentiometers to set cut-off speed and various time delays.

Series RM E26/226 is based on latest micro-controller technology. These are invariably provided with a digital display of speed. These models are ideal for applications where measurement accuracy is a critical parameter.

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