Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. prioritizes safety by integrating automated features into its equipment while maintaining the need for human intervention. With a range of safety measures such as overload sensors, tilt alarms, and anti-entrapment systems, Gemini ensures the safety of operators and materials, even in the most challenging conditions.

Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. has a rich history in access equipment dating back to 2010. Could you elaborate on the company’s journey and how it has evolved to become a leader in supplying aerial work platforms

It has been an incredible journey for Gemini in access equipment which started from trading a couple of access equipment brands before we signed up with Haulotte France the number one European manufacturing full range of access equipment. Thereafter we widened our product basket by adding the spider lift of Palazzani which is highest highest-selling spider lift in India. Selection of the right equipment for applications and serving our machine throughout the life cycle are our goals. We feel that Gemini has been highly successful in that and that is the reason our customers buy repeatedly from us.

Gemini also holds the distinction of only Pan India dealer for all products and enjoys the long-term trust of principals.  

The company manufactures Levo Brand truck-mounted platforms. What advantages does Levo bring to its clients in terms of product reliability and performance?

Gemini started assembling imported truck-mounted boom lift kits in the first phase and ventured into manufacturing of truck-mounted boom lifts 5years ago and indigenously developed products of international quality under the slogan “Quality global, available local. Currently, we offer 11 m and 14 m truck-mounted boom lifts and have plans to further enhance our product range. Levo’s model meets all the requirements of international safety certifications. These models got the attention of our customers and grabbed considerable market share. Our product scores higher in terms of performance, reliability, and uptime. Being manufacturers of these products gives us flexibility in terms of innovation and improvements, delivery as all factors are fully under our control.

Aerial work platforms (AWPs) play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and ensuring safety. Could you discuss Gemini’s offerings in this domain and how they address the challenges of working at heights?

Gemini is a full-range supplier of aerial work platforms and extensive product range across the length and width of the country. Broadly we have self-propelled products of Haulotte make, spiderlift of Palazzani Make and Levo truck mounted, Gemini make. Customer prefers Gemini due to the single window for all access solutions across the industries.

Our offering is again application-based, we conduct detailed site studies and study every parameter i.e. Floor conditions, outdoor or indoor, entry conditions, and need for accessories to suggest the most optimal solution.

Traditional hydraulic fluids can pose environmental risks. Does Gemini Power Hydraulics offer bio-hydraulic fluids or environmentally friendly alternatives that comply with stringent regulations while maintaining optimal performance in its hydraulic systems?

Currently, there is widespread usage of fossil-based hydraulic oil, having said that Biodegradable hydraulic oil is certainly environment friendly and does not have any disposal challenges.  biodegradable hydraulic oils help to reduce environmental pollution. Conventional mineral oil-based hydraulic oils can cause soil and water contamination because they are difficult to break down in the event of a leak

Bio-degradable oils are being used in Europe and our machine’s hydraulic system is compatible with bio-degradable oils. 

how does Gemini Power Hydraulics balance the integration of automated features in its equipment with the need for human oversight and intervention, particularly in complex or dynamic work environments?

Manlifts require the highest degree of foolproofness to ensure the safety of precious human lives and materials as well. Our machines are fitted with several safety features and get activated once any parameters are exceeded. These safety measures include overload sensors so that the basket carry only rated loads, and tilt alarm and sensor to ensure that the machine does not cross the specified tilt to ensure the stability of the machine. Additionally, our haulotte boom lifts are fitted with patented  Activ Shield bar to guard against anti-entrapments. Our Palazzani spider lifts can be fitted with laser-activated anti-collision system. Battery-operated machines are fitted with earthing strips to guard against static charges and smart chargers which optimize battery charging.

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