This interview illuminates how precast construction exemplifies a commitment to green building initiatives. Opting for precast buildings significantly contributes to obtaining green building certifications. Discover how Preca Solutions emerges as a frontrunner in championing environmentally friendly practices within the industry.

Could you elaborate on the turn-key solutions Preca Solutions offers in constructing buildings with precast and pre-stressed technology?

As Preca Solutions India Pvt Ltd, we boast an adept in-house tender department, a skilled Structural Design team, a proficient production team, and efficient erection teams. Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect of precast projects, from meticulous costing to the flawless delivery of the finished precast structures. In addition to our primary focus, we are equipped to handle substructure and various finishing works as the project tender requires. This holistic approach ensures that we meet the diverse demands of our clients with precision and excellence.

How does the company approach the construction process, from design to the on-site erection of precast elements?

We possess highly experienced teams that seamlessly navigate the entire process from design to on-site erection. Following the commercial closure of a project, our design department initiates coordination with consultants and clients. This involves conducting precast analysis and generating drawings by the latest architectural plans. Concurrently, our team collaborates with MEP consultants, incorporating MEP provisions into the precast design and drawings.

Upon the approval of the drawings, the design department issues production drawings to the production team and erection drawings to the project team. The production team meticulously manufactures the precast elements in alignment with the design drawings provided by the design department. Subsequently, as the site becomes ready, the project team requests the delivery of precast elements to the site for erection, adhering to the predetermined erection schedule and sequence. This systematic approach ensures a smooth and efficient execution of our projects.

Can you share insights into advanced manufacturing techniques for producing precast building elements?

Every day, there are continuous advancements in precast manufacturing techniques, shaping the landscape of the industry on Broadway. Essentially, three types of factories are prevalent in the precast sector: fixed, semi-automated, and fully automated.

In a fixed factory, all processes are manual, including transporting concrete from the batching plant to the moulds. In a semi-automated factory, the concrete is transported from the batching plant to the moulds using automated shuttle buses, with some machinery involved in the production process. Finally, in fully automated factories, every aspect operates automatically. Robots perform tasks such as the tying of reinforcement, production drawings are fed through a systematic process, and bus sensors facilitate concrete transportation, showcasing the cutting-edge automation present in the industry.

How does the company ensure flexibility and adaptability in precast construction across various sectors, such as IT offices, residential buildings, hospitals, and more?

We take pride in providing adaptable designs that cater to the unique needs of clients, consultants, and specific building requirements. Incorporating longer spans grants architects increased flexibility in interior design and enhances the overall utilisation of workspaces.

Securing the Green Manufacturing Award underscores our dedication to environmentally friendly practices. This accolade signals our commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious manufacturing processes, reinforcing our position as a leader in green initiatives within the industry.

Could you provide insights into the company’s sustainable manufacturing initiatives?

Precast construction, in its essence, embodies a commitment to green building initiatives. Opting for precast buildings contributes significantly to obtaining green building certifications and accrues numerous points in the certification process. This is attributed to the fact that precast construction stands out as a more environmentally friendly option when compared to other construction methods.

What is Preca Solutions’ long-term vision for improving construction methodology in India, especially concerning precast and pre-stressed elements?

We are continually dedicated to enhancing the design aspects that streamline the production and erection processes of precast elements. Our commitment extends to staying abreast of the latest technological advancements in the market and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Recognising the shortage of experienced precast workforce in India, we proactively organise training sessions for fresh candidates, imparting valuable insights into the precast methodology. This proactive approach addresses the existing skills gap and contributes to the development and growth of skilled professionals in precast construction.

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