In the dynamic landscape of India’s building products market, key trends and challenges are reshaping the industry. Amidst growing consumer aspirations and technological advancements, online marketplaces like Growder are emerging as pivotal players, bridging supply chain gaps and fostering a more efficient ecosystem.

The Indian building products market, valued at ₹3.74 crores, is shaped by key trends like growing consumer aspirations, technological advancements, supply chain disruptions, and sustainable materials. The sector is poised for rapid growth due to infrastructural advancements, urbanization, and government emphasis on housing, energy efficiency, and rural electrification.

With increasing consumer aspirations, the building products industry offers significant opportunities. However, traditional retail models contribute to supply chain gaps. Online marketplaces are bridging these gaps by providing integrated procurement solutions. As industry players pivot towards tech-based solutions, they effectively tackle existing challenges, fostering a more efficient and connected ecosystem. Growder, a leading B2B online marketplace, exemplifies this approach by connecting manufacturers and retailers, facilitating deals across a spectrum that includes hardware & paint, electricals, ceramic sanitary ware, glass, and furniture. Growder deals in a comprehensive range of products, from building materials to decor products.

Growder: Uniting Manufacturers and Retailers in a Dynamic Online Marketplace

Growder seamlessly connects manufacturers and retailers on its platform, eliminating gaps inherent in traditional methods. Manufacturers can effortlessly list their products, enabling retailers to make purchases with a simple click. Growder further supports manufacturers by providing a dedicated team to assist in product listing and navigating the onboarding process. Similarly, Growder offers assistance for retailers in resolving issues related to any order-related queries, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both manufacturers and retailers.

Growder extends its support through growth partners, who bring manufacturers, and channel partners, who introduce retailers to the platform. With a simple registration process and the necessary skillset, individuals can join Growder to expand and enhance their business opportunities.

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