The Surya Kiran building, a remarkable creation by Tata BlueScope Steel, stands as a beacon of innovation in the quest for energy-efficient and sustainable architecture.

Unveiled at the 15th Griha Summit, this building showcases smart design principles and offers a practical solution for regions with high reliance on traditional heating methods.

The Surya Kiran building by Tata BlueScope Steel unveiled at the 15th Griha Summit, represents a significant step towards the goal of creating energy-efficient buildings that contribute to the net-zero emissions target. This building showcases how smart design, such as passive solar heating, can reduce the need for external energy. Skylights and windows are positioned in a way that they catch the sun’s warmth during the day. This warmth is then stored in the building’s structure and slowly released to keep the building warm even after sunset. A special feature of the building is its Solar Wall, which is a part of the prefabricated design and plays a crucial role in absorbing and releasing solar energy, ensuring that the building stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night.

The building’s double-glazed windows are also a key component in its design. They work by reflecting the heat from the Solar Wall back inside, which helps to keep the heat from escaping. This contributes to the building’s ability to maintain a stable temperature without needing more energy.

The construction of the Surya Kiran building is just as innovative as its design. Skilled workers first lay down and secured the base panels, swiftly followed by precision assembly using Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) technology. This rapid process illustrates the potential for scaling up to meet the urgent demand for sustainable housing solutions. Just like in the old days, when buildings used stones to soak up the sun’s heat during the day and let it out at night, “Surya Kiran” uses a mix of glazed glass walls for heat-trapping and dark-painted stones stone walls to capture solar energy during the day and release it at night. This method keeps the place warm without needing any fancy tech. It’s a simple yet clever way to use the sunlight and keep energy bills down.

Surya Kiran has been designed with high-altitude regions in mind, where the reliance on electricity for heating is high, and there’s often a heavy use of firewood and kerosene. There is a pressing need for sustainable and practical solutions in these areas, particularly for important sectors like defence and tourism. Surya Kiran’s design and technology offer a viable solution to these issues, reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources and providing a model for sustainable living in these challenging environments.

The building exemplifies how sustainable living solutions can be integrated into everyday architecture, supporting the mission to provide affordable, eco-friendly housing for everyone. Tata BlueScope Steel’s mission is to enhance lives and create a lasting and positive global influence. Through its #ShelterforAll initiative, Tata BlueScope Steel aims to raise awareness around critical issues related to shelter and housing, focusing on the well-being and aspirations of individuals and communities.

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