This conversation shed light on how Nova Formworks altered the Indian construction industry by pioneering plastic modular formwork solutions inspired by a desire to overcome the constraints of traditional materials.

What inspired Nova Formworks to venture into developing plastic modular formwork systems, pioneering in the Indian construction industry?

Nova Formworks was inspired to develop plastic modular formwork systems by observing the prevalent poor quality of construction due to using plywood and steel during the construction industry boom in 2005-2006. Recognising the need for a better alternative, we conceptualised replacing plywood and steel with plastic to enhance durability and longevity. Leveraging expertise in moulding from the chair manufacturing business, we designed moulds for the plastic shuttering system, leading to the launch of the modular product in 2011.

Can you elaborate on the key features and advantages of Nova Formworks compared to traditional formwork systems such as timber, steel, and aluminium?

Nova Formworks offers key features and advantages compared to traditional formwork systems such as timber, steel, and aluminium. Their plastic formwork system is lightweight and durable, with a secure locking mechanism, ensuring leak-free construction. It can be easily assembled and removed, reducing labour costs and allowing multiple uses. Compared to traditional materials, this system is particularly advantageous in terms of ease of use, durability, and cost-effectiveness. 

Nova Formworks is recognised as an environmentally friendly solution. How does the use of plastic contribute to sustainability, and are there specific eco-friendly initiatives or practices integrated into the manufacturing process

Nova Formworks is recognised for its environmentally friendly approach. Plastic in the formwork systems contributes to sustainability by offering a significantly higher repetition rate than traditional materials like steel and plywood. Additionally, Nova Formworks offers customers a 25% replacement value, further promoting sustainability by encouraging the reuse of panels. It is reused more than 200 times and 100% recycled after use.

Given the shift from traditional methods, does Nova Formworks provide training programs or resources for construction teams to ensure the efficient and effective use of plastic formwork, especially considering the reduced need for skilled carpenters?

Nova Formworks provides training programs and resources for construction teams to ensure plastic formwork’s efficient and effective use. These programs are particularly beneficial considering the reduced need for skilled carpenters. By conducting extensive on-site trials and training sessions, Nova Formworks educates construction teams on the proper assembly and removal of the formwork system, maximising its benefits and minimising errors during construction.

With the construction industry witnessing a shift towards digitalisation and Industry 4.0, how is Nova Formworks incorporating technology to enhance the overall construction process and user experience?

Nova Formworks recognises the evolving landscape of the construction industry, which is increasingly embracing digitalisation and Industry 4.0 principles. Nova Formworks is integrating technology into its solutions to enhance the overall construction process and user experience. We aim to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and optimise project management. Through this technological integration, Nova Formworks is committed to delivering solutions that meet the demands of modern construction practices, ultimately enhancing productivity and project outcomes for its clients.

As we wrap up, what exciting developments or new initiatives can we expect from Nova Formworks in the near future? How does the company plan to stay at the forefront of innovation in the construction and infrastructure sector?

We are focused on expanding our product offerings and market presence. We plan to launch our monolithic system by the end of this year, alongside developing additional plastic-based solutions for slabs and critical applications. Furthermore, we aim to build an entire rental network by appointing dealers to buy and rent it. We will introduce new products in the coming years, emphasising innovation and meeting evolving market demands.

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