Mustafa Jawadwala, Director, Buildcore Chemicals feels that the price point is one of the major challenges in the Indian market.

What are the criteria of selection of right chemicals?
The selection always depends on the right exposure conditions during application and post application situations on construction sites, while the selection of the right product system along with the detailing is important for the longevity of the performance. Very often, all these aspects are compromised.

How do you identify the root cause of a leaking structure?
identifying the root cause of leakage is a huge task and a challenge especially when it comes to asking skilled trades men. It is a combination of intelligent engineering coupled with experience. But it’s always best to adopt a scientific process such as thermal imaging techniques etc. Since these methods are expensive, people look for other options. Even if it costs more to identify the root cause scientifically, the remedy most often is not so expensive and this approach will ultimately cost less , instead of ‘experiments’ and a trial and error approach.

What is the durability of the coatings?
The future of coatings is good. This has to be supported by right engineering and construction practices. A set of DOs and DON’Ts have to be followed. Any coating by itself does not do the job unless the site level detailing is absent. Site protocols have to be revised. Finally the choice of the coating depends of the service it is expected to provide. Lastly, it is better to follow the coating thickness recommendation as it is done in developed countries

What are the major challenges in the Indian market?
The major challenge is to bust the price war. Unfortunately in many cases it is pre-decided that the per square metre cost must not be exceeded irrespective of the service conditions. This is big challenge. Besides this there is a large gap in understanding of ‘materials’ at specifiers end regarding choosing the right product or system and detailing. There is this need of project managers to understand waterproofing materials and the construction chemicals performances.

Mustafa Jawadwala, Director, Buildcore Chemicals

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