Everest Hi-Tech roofing sheets have been designed for structures in highly corrosive environments.

Everest is prominent in the industry for its integrated solutions for designing, manufacturing, and erection of new-age pre-engineered buildings, says Sricharan Vulchi, Business Head, ESBS, Everest Industries Ltd.

What are the most recent advancements in roofing and steel or metal structures?
The roofing industry has seen advancements in material type and design. There have been notable developments in roofing, such as increased durability, reduced ambient temperature, better corrosion resistance, etc. Though PVC sheets, polycarbonate sheets, non-asbestos sheets, etc., are emerging as alternatives to conventional asbestos sheets, steel sheets remain a popular alternative among all industrial structures. Lesser weight and a longer life cycle make steel sheeting preferable to other types of sheeting for infrastructure projects. Solar shingles are another innovative product that is disrupting the roofing industry.

Fire resistance has been a topic of interest in steel construction. Perforated beams are also gaining attention for their reduced material usage. At the same time, there is ongoing research on the elastoplastic properties of steel alloys. All these advancements will take time for commercialisation and mass adoption. Nevertheless, the future of steel construction has a gleaming outlook.

What role does the metal grade have in the design of roofs?
Metal grade refers to the strength of steel, which is available in 350 MPa, 550 MPa, etc., for rolling roof sheets. The grade of metal is one of the governing factors in roof design. Though roof sheeting is a non-structural element, it should have the strength to bear wind forces and transfer the load to structural elements. The roof should be able to resist wind pressure for the safe transfer of forces.

Which roofing designs and structures do you provide? What distinguishes it?
Everest designs all types of roofs depending on the customer’s requirements. We have used cement sheets and our trademark product, Everest Super Colour, not only for residential buildings but also for industrial steel buildings. Everest Hi-Tech roofing sheets have been designed for structures in highly corrosive environments. The profiles we have developed improve not only the strength but also the appearance of the structure. Everest Standing Seam is designed for enhanced water tightness and lifespan of the roof. We offer metal sheets in a wide range of colours and profiles. Our metal roof sheets are extensively used in Everest Steel Buildings.

How do you envision the future demand for prefabricated structures in infrastructure projects?
Prefabricated construction is preferred to conventional construction because of two critical factors. One is the speed of construction, and the other is quality control. Metro Depots, railroad stations, bridges, aircraft hangars, commercial spaces, etc., are some structures constructed by this method. Though the technology spreads to other segments, there are some limitations to how fast this technology is adopted due to the availability of skilled labour, the cost of manufacturing and transportation, etc.

However, the demand for pre-engineered buildings is growing because of increasing public and private investments in infrastructure. Logistics centres and industrial zones are a few that heavily rely on pre-engineered buildings for the advantages mentioned above.

How do you define cost-competitiveness and dependability in your product and service offerings?
We strive to offer best-in-class products and services to our customers. Our customer-oriented approach makes us one of the leading companies for building solutions in this industry. We further believe in adding cost-competitiveness across our solution range. Our advanced manufacturing facilities and integrated technologies make us a competitive and trusted partner in this industry.

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