TopKel, manufactured by Keltech Energies Limited proves to be an effective filter aid.

Perlite is a naturally occurring siliceous rock of volcanic origin. This rock when crushed and heated under proper conditions expands to 20 times or more of its original volume. A special milling and classification process gives the correct particle size distributions needed for optimum performance as a filter aid.

Perlite filter aid improves filtering efficiency by increasing the permeability of the filter cake and is either added to the suspension to be filtered or built on the filter as a layer through which the liquid must pass. Without using a filter aid the solid particles in the liquid will soon accumulate on filtering surfaces and block them. A perlite filter aid makes a filtering layer (cake) that transfers the actual filtering from the septum to the whole mass of filter aid. Filtration occurs in the tiny pores formed by the fine particles of filter aid.

Perlite filter aid can be used with either pressure or vacuum filtration equipment. Perlite generally replaces other filter aids on a one-to-one volume basis – for example; a cubic measure of perlite will replace the same volume of other filter aids. Selection of the optimum grade and dosage may require plant or laboratory filtration tests. Perlite filter aids can be used with both pressure and vacuum filtration equipment by merely replacing present filter aid.

Plant or laboratory filtration studies will enable the selection of the optimum filter aid to be specified and the dosage that is required. Perlite filter aid manufacturers have wide experiences in a variety of different filtration applications. Of special note is the fact that hen perlite filter aids are used with rotary vacuum filters, filter cakes exhibit less cracking than when other filter aids are used.Due to their unique physical structure, perlite filter aids offer high flow rates with optimum clarity. They are especially applicable to highly viscous liquids such as syrup or gelatinous slurries requiring fast flow rates. Productivity, clarity, and flow rates may be increased through the use of perlite filter aid.

TopKel is inert, sterile, light weight having a unique interlocking structure that affords fast flow rate with excellent clarity. In addition to this, TopKel does not impart taste, colour or odour to the filtered product. Therefore it is ideal for filtering Edible oils, food, beverage, chemical, starch, lubricating oils/additives, other industrial and pharmaceutical products.

TopKel is manufactured by Keltech Energies Limited, using a unique milling and air classification process to provide an outstanding filtration performance compared to the other perlite filter aid available in the market. Product can also be customised according to application requirement.

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