We are a full-service Industrial Water Treatment Company, manufacturing and supplying water treatment and other specialty chemicals. Over the past 30 years, we have built upon our strength of VALUE, PERFORMANCE and INNOVATION. transforming this into consistent growth. Today, Vasu Chemicals is a multi-location enterprise, with global alliances
Raw water clarification
The VASUFLOC series of coagulants and flocculants remove suspended solids and colour to provide a clean source for industrial process.
Cooling water treatment
Comprehensive treatment including corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants, bio-dispersants and mocrobicides to ensure

Clean heat transfer surfaces
Minimize corrosion
Minimize problems caused due to microbiological fouling
Keep cooling tower fins & louvers clean and free from algae

Boiler water treatment

Deposits that lead to energy loss & failure in both low & high pressure boilers
Corrosion by oxygen scavenging and/or metal passivation in pre-boiler, boiler, and post-boiler system.
Carbonic acid & oxygen attack in condensate system.
Boiler Fireside BFS/FOCC fireside treatment products are designed to prevent problems associates with the burning fossil fuels. Form the fuel tank corrosion and burner fouling to slagging and corrosion, Vasu Chemicals has a product to meet customer needs
VASUGAR Range of Products

Antiscalents to control scale formation, this reduce frequency of cleaning & minimize downtime and optimize production capacity
Scale softeners to increase efficacy of caustic to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces.
Biocides for mill sanitation, control microbiological growth, improves clarification and pan boiling, thus increasing factory efficiency.

Biocides for preventing sugar loss. This prevent bacterial & fungal inversion of sugar & inhibit mill corrosion.
Viscosity reducers to control organic deposits in vacuum pans, thus reducing viscosity of massecuites & scaling in pans, resulting in better crystal quality.

Contact: Vasu Chemicals.
P.o.Box No. 9024, Goregaon (East),
Mumbai – 400063
Tel: +91-22-850-9621/22/23
Fax: +91-22-8769998
E-mail: info@vasuchemicals.com

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