The industry is implementing technological advancements in equipment design, manufacture, and operation to remain competitive. The objectives of these developments are to improve the sustainability of the environment, fuel efficiency, and performance.

“To stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace and to meet the diverse needs of customers, we are developing newproducts with innovations for better performance and fuel efficiency.”

What are some of the primary challenges facing the construction equipment industry due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced significant fluctuations in raw material and boughtout component prices, steadily driving up production costs. This ongoing trend poses a challenge to maintaining cost-effectiveness in our operations. Furthermore, unhealthy competition within the industry and the availability of skilled workforce remain critical concerns, adding another layer of complexity to the industry landscape.

Will the impending general elections and political transition affect the pace of infrastructure projects in the construction machinery sector post this financial year?

Over the last few years, the NDA government has prioritised infrastructure development, initiating numerous projects that have spurred growth in the construction machinery sector. However, with the upcoming general elections in the next few months, we anticipate a slowdown in the launch of new projects this financial year. The political transition will likely affect the development pace for the next few quarters.

How has your company embraced technological innovations in the design and functionality of your equipment?

To stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace and meet customers’ diverse needs, we are developing new products with innovations for better performance and fuel efficiency. We are adopting advanced technologies and environmentally conscious practices in our equipment’s design, manufacturing, and operation. We aim to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and promote eco-friendly solutions throughout the equipment’s lifecycle. Safety and reliability, and thereby building a stronger relationship with customers. We provide timely customer service and regularly take their feedback to improve our products.

Vibrant Construction Equipments Pvt Ltd

Can you provide a sneak peek into any new products or innovations your company plans to unveil or highlight during Excon 2023?

We are showcasing our flagship products, including the asphalt batch mix and concrete batching plants. Over the past decade, our dedicated research and development efforts have resulted in significant enhancements and the incorporation of numerous cutting-edge features into our plants. This reflects our unwavering commitment and enthusiasm to deliver world-class machinery to our valued clients.

Participation in such events provides a platform to engage with our current and potential clients. It allows us to elucidate the recent advancements incorporated into our products, detailing the advantages of aligning with Vibrant regarding product quality, financial benefits, and services. Moreover, Excon serves as a major hub for connecting with industry experts.

This allows us to share insights into our latest developments and engage in knowledge exchange concerning industry trends and advancements.

Vibrant Construction Equipments

From your perspective, how does Excon contribute to the overall development and growth of the construction equipment industry in India?

Excon stands out as India’s largest and most renowned construction machinery exhibition, drawing numerous visitors from the construction industry. It is a platform where customers can engage with industry leaders to address their construction machinery requirements and explore cutting-edge technologies. Excon is a valuable platform for both manufacturers and construction companies, contributing significantly to the advancement of the overall construction industry.

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