Volvo FM & FMX range of trucks will deliver high productivity and efficiency by combining unmatched safety, excellent driver comfort and enhanced connectivity features.

Volvo Trucks India, a division of VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd (VECV) showcased two of their latest industry-leading trucks at EXCON 2022: Volvo FMX 500 8×4 off-road dump truck and Volvo FM 420 8×4 23 Cu.M construction tipper. These two products are part of Volvo FM & FMX range of trucks that deliver high productivity and efficiency by combining unmatched safety, excellent driver comfort and enhanced connectivity features.

Volvo Trucks India has a very strong presence across coal over burden removal projects and in other mining applications including Iron ore, Bauxite and Manganese. Volvo FMX 500 is a completely new off-road dump truck solution, with improved load carrying capacities, which will further strengthen productivity in the mining sector. The FM420 is the latest in the FM series, which will further redefine the transport solutions for road construction, irrigation, and quarry operations. Both these products are fully connected with Volvo Connect that empowers customers with the most relevant information in real-time to enhance operational efficiency, uptime, and productivity.

Dinakar, EVP, Volvo Trucks India said, “We are happy to present Volvo Trucks solutions at Excon 2022. It is a great opportunity to showcase our industry defining trucks and solutions, as well as engage with potential customers and other important stakeholders.

“Volvo Trucks continues to further its promise to keep driving progress through excellent products and innovative solutions. The improved Volvo Connect solution aims to deliver higher uptime and productivity for our customers. Backed by world-class service, Volvo Trucks India now has a wider range of transport solutions to cater to the unique and demanding requirements of various applications in India as both mining and construction segments pick-up momentum”

Volvo FMX 500

The Volvo FMX 500 8×4 off-road dump truck comes with a body builder module ECU that prevents the truck from exceeding 5 kmph speed when the dump body is in raised position, thus preventing accidents at the dump yard. Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) ensures that the truck is stable even while carrying heavy payloads and elevates the driving experience to a completely new level. The new driver cabin gives the best working environment and enhances driver productivity. The latest engine management system, better gearshift programming and subtle design improvements in the engine will improve fuel-economy. This truck has been designed to run round the clock and the 405-litre fuel tank ensures that the trucks maximise their time in operation. With a 15% increase in payload capacity, FMX 500 8×4 off-road dump truck is designed to deliver superior productivity.

Volvo FM 420

The Volvo FM 420 8×4 23 Cu.M construction tipper is powered by a 13-litre engine that generates 420 HP @ 1400-1800 rpm and peak torque of 2100 Nm @ 860-1400 rpm. The engine delivers maximum power over a wider rpm range and peak torque is available as low as 860 rpm, which leads to an improved average vehicle speed with lower fuel consumption. The engine management system has been upgraded from version 2.2 to 2.4 along with several design improvements that facilitate optimal fuel efficiency.

Volvo FM & FMX_B2B Purchase

A new range of UPTIME Services 

The new range of FMX and FM trucks are supported by Uptime Services that gives comprehensive and digitalised solutions like fleet management, performance-boosting services like site efficiency improvement etc. The performance of 6000+ active Volvo trucks are monitored through 12 Uptime centres spread across India. In Excon Volvo Trucks India has introduced three new service offering:

  • Fuel Efficiency Services that will facilitate and augment the driver’s skill enhancement process supported by advanced analytics.
  • Fleet Assist Services that will optimise operations, combining trip information with truck route prediction through constant learning algorithms thus reducing fleet idle time and enhance utilisation.
  • Uptime Care – Through this service, uptime of the fleet including vehicle wise repair status, fleet utilisation and more importantly trip summary will be available in a combined view, in one place, real-time.

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