Nova Formworks prioritises safety through non-slip surfaces, guardrails, load-bearing capacity, stability, and easy assembly. We also provide maintenance-friendly solutions with durable materials, corrosion resistance, modularity, training, and regular inspections.

In the dynamic world of construction and infrastructure, Nova Formworks takes centre stage as a key player redefining industry standards. This interview will uncover their innovative approach and strategies for ensuring safety, sustainability, and industry transformation.

How do scaffolding and formwork manufacturers capitalise on the current infrastructure demand to unlock opportunities? 

Scaffolding and formwork innovations are instrumental in realising India’s infrastructure goals and delivering tangible benefits to construction projects. With its advanced solutions, Nova Formworks plays a vital role in the successful execution of infrastructure projects. They offer durable, versatile, user-friendly formwork systems that accelerate construction processes. These systems, characterised by their lightweight design, durability, and ease of installation, streamline labour-intensive tasks, minimise construction delays, and markedly reduce project timelines.

In pursuing India’s infrastructure aspirations, how do scaffolding and formwork innovations manifest real-world projects? 

The recent entry of numerous multinational scaffolding and formwork companies into the Indian market and innovative research by local shuttering firms have transformed construction methods. These innovations are crucial in achieving India’s infrastructure goals, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and enhancing worker safety. Construction formworks provide sustainable, high-performance alternatives, meeting the demands of competitive contractors and builders. This leads to faster project completion, cost-efficiency, and eco-friendly construction practices.

What sustainable attributes do your scaffolding and formwork solutions offer to align with eco-friendly construction demands?  

Our scaffolding and formwork solutions meet eco-friendly construction requirements by incorporating sustainability features like recyclability, minimised material waste, and energy efficiency. Nova Formworks’ dedication to environmentally responsible practices has influenced project procurement choices. Increasingly, construction projects prioritise sustainability, leading to greater adoption of our eco-friendly formwork systems, reducing their environmental impact while satisfying construction demands.

How does the market meet the demand for recycled products?  

Meeting the demand for recycled products in the scaffolding and formwork sector, exemplified by companies like Nova Formworks, necessitates a multifaceted approach encompassing various strategies, practices, and market dynamics. Here’s how the market responds to this burgeoning demand for recycled products in the sector:

The market adapts to the call for recycled products, particularly in scaffolding and formwork, with innovative methods akin to those implemented by Nova Formworks.

  • Material Recycling and Reuse:Companies within the scaffolding and formwork sector, such as Nova Formworks, embrace recycling practices wherein depleted panels are transformed into various components. Although the panel material isn’t employed directly for creating new panels, it finds a renewed purpose as components, minimising waste and maximising resource utilisation.
  • Supply Chain Integration:Meeting the demand for recycled products often necessitates the integration of recycling practices into supply chains.
  • Product Design and Innovation:The market’s response to the demand for recycled products focuses on product design and innovation. Scaffolding and formwork solutions optimised for the utilisation of recycled materials. This ensures that quality and safety standards are upheld while reducing environmental impact.
  • Marketing and Consumer Education:Effective marketing and consumer education play pivotal roles in meeting the demand for recycled products. Companies must adeptly communicate the environmental benefits of their products and educate customers on the significance of opting for recycled materials. This concerted effort can stimulate consumer demand and propel the market towards sustainability.
  • Regulatory Compliance:Government regulations and environmental standards influence the market’s response to recycled products. Companies must adhere to these regulations, often promoting recycling and sustainable practices. Compliance can also confer a competitive edge in the market.
  • Circular Economy Practices:Embracing circular economy principles is essential. Companies like Nova Formworks may actively participate in the recycling ecosystem by collaborating with other industries to incorporate recycled materials into various applications. For instance, recycled formwork components could find utility in construction, automotive manufacturing, or other sectors.
  • Market Demand and Consumer Preferences:Ultimately, consumer preferences and market demand propelled the market’s response to the demand for recycled products. As more consumers prioritise sustainability and eco-friendly practices, companies are motivated to offer recycled products to remain competitive and align with these preferences.
  • Investment in Recycling Infrastructure:Meeting the demand for recycled materials may necessitate increased investment in recycling infrastructure. This encompasses developing recycling facilities, technology advancements, and logistics improvements to ensure the efficient collection and processing of materials.
  • Certifications and Standards:Obtaining certifications such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a testament to a company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. These certifications signify adherence to standards and cater to the demand for recycled products within the scaffolding and formwork sector.


Could you detail the pivotal safety features and maintenance provisions integral to your construction and infrastructure offerings? 

Nova Formworks prioritises incorporating advanced safety features and maintenance provisions into our construction and infrastructure solutions. Every component, from formwork to scaffolding systems, is meticulously engineered to embody safety and durability. Non-slip surfaces are:

  • A standard.
  • Ensuring that construction workers have secure footing.
  • Thus minimising the risk of accidents.

Elevated positions are safeguarded with integrated guardrails and handrails, an essential measure to prevent accidental falls. Each product is crafted to meet specific load-bearing capacities, ensuring not just the safety of workers but also the security of materials during construction.

Stability is at the core of our offerings; our scaffolding and formwork systems are resilient, ensuring they are immune to shifting or collapsing, an attribute that amplifies on-site safety. Ease of assembly is another focal point – our designs are intuitive, reducing the likelihood of accidents during setup. Additionally, we engineer our products to withstand the vagaries of adverse weather conditions, ensuring their integrity and safety remain uncompromised.

On the maintenance front, we have woven durability into the very fabric of our products. High-quality, wear and tear-resistant materials ensure longevity while minimising the necessity for constant upkeep. Corrosion, a common challenge, is mitigated through specialised, corrosion-resistant materials. The modular design underscores versatility and simplifies reusability across various applications and projects.

Support doesn’t end at product delivery; we extend comprehensive training and support services to ensure construction teams are adept at using and maintaining our products effectively. We advocate for regular inspections, a proactive measure to promptly identify and address any maintenance and safety concerns. In essence, Nova Formworks is synonymous with a holistic approach to safety and maintenance, characterised by features like non-slip surfaces, load-bearing capacities, stability, and durability, ensuring that our construction and infrastructure solutions are both cutting-edge, enduring and safe.

Spokesperson – Vikas Mittal – Managing Director – Nova Formworks

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