Welding industry has always contributed their share of efforts in overall economic growth of the country.

The global welding products market size was estimated at USD 13.27 billion in 2018, projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.7 per cent from 2019 to 2025, keeping this in mind what is your strategy to expand business for your existing product range?
We have expanded our product range with Sigma Weld Pro Series , Fully digital , modular , synergic, pulsed and programmable high end welding inverters for AC DC TIG, MIG / MAG, and Pulsed MIG applications. With this range anyone can WeldLikeAPro, having great control and easy to use 7 inch graphical interface. SigmaWeld Pro Series we are able to help with the Critical and Super Critical welding of different materials. These equipments range from basic synergic to fully programmable pulsed, double pulsed and special programs. Each equipment comes with an arc stabilizer function inbuilt, which means even if the welder (a relatively new one) varies the stick out distance during welding, the arc length remains same, the penetration remains same and ensures spatter free working. Further, SigmaWeld Accelerated Tig (SWAT) is another fantastic addition to our commitment in making tig faster. This equipment helps weld square butt, single pass welding of up to 10mm thick stainless steel, titanium and other alloys. Making welding faster, better and error free.

In the view of the current economic slowdown, what is your expectation from the Indian market? What is your expectation from the government to capitalise the present market?
In September this year the government has announce reduction in corporate taxes for companies having turnover over 400crs from 30 per cent plus 10 per cent surcharge to 22 per cent plus 10 per cent surcharge. Further to encourage new start-up they have brought down to 15 per cent for setting up new firms post Oct 2019. This will result in substantial fresh capital investments by corporate, new start-ups and foreign direct investors. Further government spending on infra structure development such as expansion on roads and railways which will help in boosting the economic growth.

In view of industrial innovation across different sectors as also the market demands too what are the trending technologies and products in vogue when it comes to welding?
In view of the above expected economic growth, welding industry is also aggressively migrating towards automation and IOT. More and more industries player have come out with high end automation product based on industry 4.0 Adaption of IOT and welding automation will help in manufactured and exports of critical products in international market. In order to become more competitive in manufacturing critical product for exports markets, focus is now shifting towards skill development of welding personnel. Further new processes like SWAT (Sigma Weld Accelerated Tig), Keyhole Gtaw Welding and hybrid processes such as laser plus mig where productivity and quality are exceeding the industry standards will be getting more and more popular.

The Indian government has an ambitious goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2024, how feasible is it and what role will the welding segment play in this entire gambit?
Governments’ thrust and participation by corporate putting their efforts and resources should certainly helps in achieving ambitious goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2024. Welding industry has always contributed their share of efforts in overall economic growth of the country. Welding is the backbone of the metal working industry. Consider any industry from Infrastructure, Railways, Power, Oil and Gas, Food, Pharma, Transportation, Aviation, Aerospace, Defence etc you name it and welding would be at the heart of it. Joining of metals in the right way will always be needed to grow any industry and will play a critical role in the economic growth of the country.

Nimesh Chinoy, Marketing Director – SigmaWeld, Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd.

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