Real Green Engineers Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 company, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-performance wind turbine rooftop natural eco air ventilators. Its products are manufactured under stringent quality check at every stage of production. The materials and all major components used for manufacturing are tested, treated, formed and assembled as per the existing industrial specification and standards. The company focuses upon on time delivery of high quality, durable products along with superior client services.
Wind turbo air ventilators does not require any power or electricity, continuously in motion with the natural wind, spins with the slightest breeze, creating an upward draft which draws stale, damp or hot air out of the attic by removing moisture laden air in the winter and extremely hot attic air in the summer. Wind driven ventilators are designed and engineered to exhaust industrial pollutants such as smoke, dust, poisonous gases, fumes, heat, humidity, odour and many more invisible irritants from the covered area and industrial sheds.
Wind turbo roof ventilators provide energy free cooling and fresh air throughout the year. Eco ventilators function and perform with the unlimited wind energy, thus save energy, operating cost, and maintenance cost etc. Running cost of the motorised exhaust fans can be eliminated by implementing or wind operated turbine ventilator as it do not require electricity, motor, wiring and maintenances.
During summer, temperatures in roof spaces and ridges can reach very high and this heat radiates downwards causing discomfort inside the shed or working areas and forcing air conditioners to work harder in offices. Even the effectiveness of ceiling insulation can be reduced by the additional heat load and industries emitting excessive heat can even damage roof sheathing, felt and composition shingles. Natural air ventilators spin with the slightest breeze, creating an upward draft which draws hot air, fumes, odour and other pollutant particles upwards, creating invisible convection current, and in the process extract smoke, dust, hot air together with pollutant particles which become hot due to the buildings exposure due to long hours of sunlight radiation and manufacturing processes and due to other pollutants particles within the building. As the stale and hot air is extracted by the air ventilators, it is replaced by fresh air at ambient temperature entering through the natural openings thereby completes the air change correction cycle current, improves the internal cross ventilation and increases the life of the roof and machineries. During the winter, water vapour and other particles are drawn into roof space, can condense to form lot of moisture. This can render insulation ineffective, cause mildew on walls and ceilings and contribute to a damp environment. As the stale and damp air is extracted by the ventilators, it is replaced by fresh air at ambient temperature entering through doorways and other natural openings thus completes the air change correction cycle, improves the internal environment with better cross ventilation. Features• Does not require power or electricity• Rigid and durable design structure• Weatherproof and storm proof• No operating cost• Economical and environmental friendly• Can withstand wind speed of 180 km/hr• Reduces carbon footprints• Virtually maintenance free.
Roof ventilators are specially designed and manufactured as per industrial specification and standards and rigorously tested at every stage to ensure durability and performance in extreme temperatures and high wind conditions.
The blades or vanes are double curved, made of bright aluminium or SS material especially designed for maximum weather durability, exhaust efficiency and rain spill deflection. Specially designed aerodynamic vanes are strong by structure and light in weight. It is designed to achieve maximum wind energy utilisation and performance of exhaust suction. Vanes prevents water entering the turbine by means of under grooves provided for water spill deflection.
The turbine ventilators come with the frictionless central shaft which maintains rigidity under heavy stress and other load factors. The design is for revolutionary free floating effect; air movement’s lift and separates the turbine from the central shaft, resulting in nearer friction free motion. Air ventilators supporting clamps stabilise the central shaft to ensure equal weight distribution and reduce stress on fastening joints.
The turbine ventilators base parts – base adaptor, base flange and base ring are made of aluminium/ stainless steel/FRP (translucent/opaque)/polycarbonate materials as per the customer requirement and are strength tested to ensure structural integrity. Powder coating, anodising or epoxy paintings in desired colour can also be provided on request. The ventilators are totally weatherproof which can withstand wind speed up to 180 km/hour and is totally waterproof.
Choice of the material, i.e. aluminium or stainless steel, size, number and installation of air ventilators depend on various factors such as wind velocity, temperature differential, environmental conditions, human density, size of the building, location of the building and profile of the roof, wind obstruction etc. Different sizes of wind turbo ventilators ranging from 14-34 inches are available which are recommended after considering the above facts.
Advantages• Not require any motor, power or electricity• Lightweight, rigid and durable, can withstand wind speed up to 180 km/hour• Runs on totally non-conventional natural wind energy 24/7• Removes entrapped heat, humidity, dust, fume, odour during summer and stale, damp and moisture laden air along with other pollutant particles in winter• Maintenance free; virtually ‘fit and forget’• Eco-friendly, noise free and pollution free• Easy to install on any type of existing roof or new roofing structure.• Requires very minimal wind due to stack effect and frictionless, noise-free design• Made from aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated as per customer requirement• 100 per cent weather, water, rain and leak proof• Increases productivity by providing healthier and better working environment• Enhances the architectural and aesthetic appearance of the building• Accelerated depreciation under IT Act due to non-conventional energy product• Saves precious energy and utilises unlimited natural wind energy• Increases the life of the roofing sheet and machineries.

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